Sanders & the Youth Vote: A New Age of Activism?

Bernie Sanders

A number of recent columns have “post-mortemed” (if that’s a word) the Presidential primaries. One such, in the New York Times, considered the ongoing influence of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Sanders has yet to fully concede, although he has said he intends to vote for Clinton, and he is likely to remain a force in American politics for the foreseeable future. Sanders’ […]

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When Frank Luntz is Worried: The GOP’s Youth Problem

Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz is one of the people who gave us today’s GOP–a party that has steadily become more fixated on strategies for winning elections than on fidelity to a governing philosophy. He was the guru who coached candidates for office in “framing”–how to use language to describe policies in ways that would seem acceptable to people who probably wouldn’t find […]

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Fox’s Todd Starnes Attacks Org Helping Prevent Teen Suicide

Referencing a 24-hour fundraiser that ended last week, Fox News contributor Todd Starnes lashed out at PepsiCo’s multi-million dollar Frito-Lay division for helping raise money for the It Gets Better Project. Calling the non-profit organization geared toward helping at-risk teens “a bunch of godless sickos who bash Christians” Starnes called for boycotts against the company for its effort to reduce teen […]

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Baptist Minister Fighting for Right to Harass LGBT Youth

David Wells, of the Pleasant View Baptist Church

Citing First Amendment protections, David Wells of the Pleasant View Baptist Church in McQuady, KY is threatening legal action against the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice for its policy requiring all volunteers and staff treat LGBT youth with respect for their identities. The policy in question – Rule 912 – states: DJJ staff, volunteers, interns, and contractors, when working with juveniles under the care of […]

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VIDEO: Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns & Assaults Him

By Tim Peacock In case you haven’t already seen it floating around social media today, a video surfaced (and made it to Dan Savage’s column) showing a kid coming out and then being summarily disowned and assaulted by his family. I won’t sugar coat this: the video is heartbreaking and extremely difficult to watch. But you should. It channels every ounce […]

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AFA’s News Arm Hilariously Perpetuates Gay ‘Recruitment’ Myth

By Tim Peacock Thirty years ago mainstream America could’ve reasonably believed many of the arguments made against LGBT people that are now considered ridiculous. However, even as long ago as the late 90’s entertainment mediums began mocking those arguments – particularly the one where anti-gay advocates contend that gay and lesbian adults ‘recruit’ others (children in particular). The now-historic episode of […]

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Salem, MA Mayor Turns Anti-Gay Right Wing Attacks Into LGBT Equality Opportunity

By Tim Peacock Click to Enlarge The City of Salem, Massachusetts recently enacted an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance that resulted in a terminated contract with Gordon College (due to their anti-gay discriminatory policies). Responding to the furor, right wing media and blogs called on their audience to call the Salem mayor’s office to complain. Most notably, Glenn Beck wrote an article at The […]

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Rep. Brian Sims on Empowering the LGBT Youth

By Tim Peacock Openly gay Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims spoke about empowering LGBT youth over the weekend as a part of NYC Pride and #Pridecast. On his Facebook, Rep. Sims said: I was really excited to join the festivities at NYC Pride (The Official NYC LGBT Pride Organizer) over the weekend through Google+ and YouTube’s ‪#‎Pridecast‬ partnership along with Laverne Cox, […]

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