Telling It Like It Is: Trump & White Male Privilege

Donald Trump's KKK problem

Today, unfathomable as it is, Donald Trump will become President of the United States. How could this happen? Granted, Trump lost the popular vote overwhelmingly, but despite being manifestly unfit for the office, he mustered enough support from millions of Americans to win the Electoral College. The Chattering Classes have offered a number of explanations, almost all of them centering […]

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Arizona Bill Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

Arizona Bill by Bob Thorpe Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

A bill proposed by state lawmaker Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) would outlaw all discussion of social justice topics on all campuses across Arizona. The legislation – HB2120 – specifically targets the concept of privilege while broadly banning classes, events and activities from engaging in productive discussions about race, ethnicity and other factors driving economic and political disparities. According to the bill: 15-112.  Prohibited courses, classes, events and activities; […]

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Tomi Lahren Just Doesn’t Get It – And Probably Never Will

Tomi Lahren

Aiming to be the next Ann Coulter, conservative commentator and professional aggrieved white person Tomi Lahren just doesn’t appear to understand a large portion of what she’s talking about. Or, if she does, she’s clearly hoping her audience doesn’t see her for the conservative emperor with no clothing she really is. The most recent example of this failure to launch […]

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Bill O’Reilly: the ‘White Establishment’ Losing Power

Bill O'Reilly defended white nationalism discussing the electoral college

Openly promoting white nationalism on his Fox News show, Bill O’Reilly lamented last night about the “White Establishment” losing power across the nation thanks to calls for the abolishment of the Electoral College. He argued that eliminating the antiquated election process is a move by “the left” to hand power to minorities and disenfranchise white Americans. “The left in America is demanding that […]

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The White Hot Meltdown Over Mall of America’s Black Santa

Mall of America will have a black Santa Claus

Given the increase in identity-driven verbal and physical assaults across the nation in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, it should come as no surprise that a segment of white America is currently in the throes of a white hot meltdown over Mall of America’s decision to hire a black Santa this holiday season. Mall of America announced this week they were bringing on a […]

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GOP Lawmaker: Civil Rights Protesters as “Disgusting” as White Supremacists

Rep Sean Duffy compared civil rights protests to white supremacists saying both are disgusting

During a CNN interview yesterday, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) argued civil rights protesters and Black Lives Matter members are as “disgusting” as the white supremacists (and Nazis) Trump took entirely too long to denounce following his election two weeks ago. The exchange between Duffy and The Lead guest host Jim Sciutto ventured into historically tone deaf false equivalency when Duffy attempted to pin the […]

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Tomi Lahren Argues Democrats Still Support Slavery

Tomi Lahren Argues Democrats Still Support Slavery

Proving once again she knows little about history (let alone current events), white supremacy apologist Tomi Lahren argued yesterday the Democratic party never stopped supporting slavery because their strategy is to get “black Americans dependent on government to get votes.” Ignoring the Republican Party’s forty-year strategy beginning with the well-documented Southern Strategy (which literally invited racist southern Democrats – also […]

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Mississippi: Black Church Burned & Vandalized with “Vote Trump”

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi vandalized and set on fire to support Trump

Vandals spray painted graffiti on and set fire to Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church – a black church in Greenville, Mississippi – last night in the latest example of the racist hatred and white supremacy inherent in the 2016 presidential election. The message spray painted on the side of the church said, “Vote Trump.” News affiliate WLBT reported on the incident: Tuesday night after […]

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Rep Brat: Real Institutional Racism is Keeping Bibles Out of Schools

Dave Brat

In an interview yesterday with Virginia talk show host John Fredericks, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) argued that the real institutional racism in the nation is the country’s refusal to allow Bibles in schools. Discussing the ongoing protests in Charlotte over the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott, Brat went on to call protesters confused drug users claiming the black community […]

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