Louisville Pub Enters the National NFL Protest Conversation

TK's Pub in Louisville Enters the National NFL Protest Conversation

TK’s Pub in Louisville is the latest small business to enter the NFL protest fray after owner Todd King announced yesterday he is removing all NFL paraphernalia from his restaurant. His stance mirrors that of many other white conservatives: that black athletes should not be allowed to protest racial injustice by silently kneeling during the national anthem. “We don’t like […]

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The “Right” Way to Protest

The "Right" Way to Protest

While it should already be glaringly obvious, angry white conservatives see no legitimate public venue for persons of color to address systemic racism and its lasting effects on the nation. Whether they’re calling for cars to plow through and murder peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters blocking streets or telling “uppity” black actors on Broadway to entertain them rather than make […]

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What Do We Do?

civic participation & democratic norms

Yesterday morning, I spoke to the Danville Unitarians. Later in the afternoon, Mike Pence ostentatiously walked out of the Colts game when players “took a knee” to protest racism and inequality. In light of his despicable posturing,  my morning remarks seem particularly relevant, so I’m sharing them. When I was a very new lawyer, an older lawyer in the firm […]

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Missouri: Bar Installs “Lynch Kaepernick” Doormats After NFL Protests

The owners of S.N.A.F.U Bar in Lake Ozark, Missouri are facing extreme backlash after taping down two jerseys at the entrance to their bar following the NFL national anthem protests. The jerseys – of NFL players Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick – are arranged to spell out the phrase “Lynch Kaepernick” with the tape appearing like a chalk body outline typically […]

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Trump, Roy Moore And The “Grand Old Party”

Donald Trump and Roy Moore

Yesterday’s post dealt with Roy Moore’s decisive, ten-point victory over Luther Strange in this week’s Alabama GOP primary. Moore won although Strange had the (mostly) full-throated support of Donald Trump. Moore’s win suggests that– although Trump’s election may have “unleashed” the party’s rabid base– “the Donald” cannot control it. The GOP’s Congressional leadership is similarly unable to control the members […]

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Trump, the Anthem, Free Speech & the Fight Against Racial Inequality

Trump, the Anthem, Free Speech & the Fight Against Racial Inequality

When Colin Kaepernick first began kneeling during the national anthem, no one noticed and for the most part, no one cared. It wasn’t until right-wing pundits began screaming about how offended and disrespected people should feel over his peaceful protest that people began forming opinions based more on ‘hot take’ outrage than actual law, reason or ethics. That white-hot rage reached […]

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The Trump Administration’s Jemele Hill Attack Threatens Free Speech

Jemele Hill

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders argued that ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for labeling Donald Trump a while supremacist, the Trump administration crossed a constitutional line. Though most people misunderstand or abuse the free speech section of the First Amendment, that hallmark constitutional right does offer one pertinent protection for all individuals: the right to speak […]

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Labels, Subtext & Dog Whistles: The Rise of Right Wing Hate

Rise of Right Wing Hate

Anyone who’s been online – on social media in particular – over the last couple of years can attest to the fact that hate speech is evolving to the point that it’s often hard to keep up with what constitutes “trolling” and what is honest-to-goodness harassment and hatred. In fact, this blurring of lines has become so complicated, experts have […]

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Two-Faced: Trump’s Unhinged Phoenix Rally

Trump in Phoenix

During his Phoenix campaign rally last night, Donald Trump went off script and spent an hour essentially destroying any credibility and peace his Monday night Afghanistan speech attempted to build. More importantly, the two speeches demonstrate something most people across America have already figured out over the course of the last few months. Trump has two distinct faces he shows […]

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Former Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson: Slavery Is “Good” History

Former Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson: Slavery Is "Good" History

During a Fox discussion about the removal of Confederate monuments, former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson argued slavery is a “good” part of U.S. history. The answer – one Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earhardt offered multiple chances to clarify or recant – came as a response to another guest clarifying the intent behind the original construction of the embattled monuments. “Do you […]

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