Trump’s America: Another Jewish Cemetery Vandalized

Mount Carmel Jewish Cemetery vandalized

On Sunday, Philadelphia police discovered over 100 vandalized headstones at Mount Carmel Jewish Cemetery after a visitor to some of the gravesites called authorities.  Along with that, eleven Jewish Community Centers received bomb threats on the same day.  This comes only a week after a similar incident in Missouri, where at least 150 Jewish graves were vandalized. Embed from Getty […]

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The Trump Cabal–God Help Us All

Donald Trump

Yesterday, facing massive opposition, Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary withdrew. But that was a minor victory; most of his ill-equipped nominees have been confirmed. The most accurate one-liner about  the sorry lot that Donald Trump has assembled to run–or destroy– some of the nation’s most important agencies was by a Facebook poster who said he’d seen better cabinets at IKEA. […]

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Kellyanne Conway Retweeted a White Nationalist

Kellyanne COnway retweeted a white nationalist

After her contentious interview with Matt Lauer this morning over the resignation of Michael Flynn, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to thank a white nationalist who complimented her. In the now-deleted tweet, Conway retweeted white nationalist account “Lib Hypocrisy” saying, “Love you back” adding a Happy Valentines Day to her “Hapless Haters”. The original tweet Conway responded to lauded her ‘performance’ this morning […]

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‘Dangerous’: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Trying to Silence Us

Milo Yiannopoulos

Earlier this afternoon Jenny Kefauver at Capital HQ contacted us threatening to sue over language we used in this article about Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos published last year. With the costs of litigation being as prohibitive as they are (and seeing what Peter Thiel did to Gawker last year) we acquiesced with a caveat (in an editor’s note at the bottom of the […]

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Tomi Lahren Just Doesn’t Get It – And Probably Never Will

Tomi Lahren

Aiming to be the next Ann Coulter, conservative commentator and professional aggrieved white person Tomi Lahren just doesn’t appear to understand a large portion of what she’s talking about. Or, if she does, she’s clearly hoping her audience doesn’t see her for the conservative emperor with no clothing she really is. The most recent example of this failure to launch […]

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Bill O’Reilly: the ‘White Establishment’ Losing Power

Bill O'Reilly defended white nationalism discussing the electoral college

Openly promoting white nationalism on his Fox News show, Bill O’Reilly lamented last night about the “White Establishment” losing power across the nation thanks to calls for the abolishment of the Electoral College. He argued that eliminating the antiquated election process is a move by “the left” to hand power to minorities and disenfranchise white Americans. “The left in America is demanding that […]

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Steve Bannon: “Genetic Superiority” & Voting Rights Restrictions

Steve Bannon and the Alt-Right

Recent reporting by the New York Times adds credence to the case against Stephen Bannon’s appointment to Donald Trump’s administration. Though we’ve covered his anti-Semitic and racist ties through Brietbart and his proud, admitted promotion of the so-called “Alt-right” movement, new interviews have emerged linking the embattled appointee to such concepts as “genetic superiority” (a concept Trump has personally espoused […]

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The Unraveling Begins: The Spike in Hate Crimes

hate crime hate crimes

Swastikas on churches. Threatening graffiti in minority neighborhoods. Racist posts on Facebook and Twitter. The Klan and the American Nazi Party celebrating Trump’s “win for the Whites.” These are very scary times. Ed Brayton notes that Raw Story is keeping a list of all of the bigoted, criminal and violent attacks on gays, blacks, Muslims, women, Latinos in others since […]

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Actions Speak Louder: Trump’s Terrifying Appointments

trump administration

While a large chunk of national reporters have already begun giving President Elect Trump the benefit of the doubt as he verbally flip-flops on a significant portion of the most extreme campaign promises made over the last year, it’s important to understand only one thing about our next president: he lies when it’s politically or financially expedient. He lied throughout the […]

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