Missouri: Gym Targets Transgender Woman for Discrimination [UPDATED]

ARK in Waynesville discriminated against transgender woman Britny Rose -

A gym in Waynesville, Missouri is under fire for its deplorable treatment of a transgender woman. The ARK Community & Sports Center – a Christian owned business – reportedly targeted, insulted, and discriminated against Britny Rose based solely on her gender identity. According to Rose, she visited the facility on January 3, 2017 to attend a spin class (as it’s the only gym […]

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LGBT Rights, Small Town Missouri & a Fabulous Drag Show

Colluding with a local news media personality, a St. Robert, Missouri city alderman not only lashed out against the LGBT community but attempted to stop a local pride event. Both the efforts to stop the event as well as the nasty, prejudice-laden remarks took center stage across a host of Facebook pages and personal accounts recently. The trouble began when Pulaski County […]

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“Die Fag” Spray-Painted on Newly Married Gay Couple’s Car

On the heels of marry his husband earlier this month Andrew Windham-Harris found his car vandalized with the words “die fag” both spray-painted and keyed into the side of the vehicle. The crime occurred some time between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. Saturday night near Waynesville, NC after Windham-Harris went into work at a local takeout restaurant in Haywood County. […]

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Police Misconduct: Rampant, Unchecked & Widespread

police misconduct

Reading about police misconduct in the news can be disheartening. At the end of each new article detailing abuse and death at the hands of police most people can go back to their lives separate from those horrors. When that misconduct hits home though, attempting to compartmentalize widespread national police misconduct and personal affairs becomes a bit more daunting. That’s where this […]

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On The Home Front: Homophobia Rears Its Head In Rural Missouri

While we typically stick to coverage of stories with national news interest, something happened over the past few days in my family’s own back yard (in rural Missouri) that more than one person has asked me to write about – and I’m happy to add my two cents. For those who haven’t read my previous articles on Waynesville, Missouri feel […]

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States Without Medicaid Expansion Feeling Detrimental Economic Effects

By Tim Peacock Click to Enlarge Though the Affordable Care Act’s sign-up success rate seems to be dominating the headlines the past couple of weeks, another related story negatively affecting rural communities across the nation has been mostly ignored by mainstream media: the devastating effects resulting from declined or blocked Medicaid expansion. States without expanded Medicaid have thus far been forced […]

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