What’s Holiday Season Like in Hurricane-Affected Areas?

Hurricane season is long over for the year but that doesn’t mean that the impacted areas have fully recovered from the aftermath of the enormous and devastating storms that struck Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico during the year. For many people, that means they’re still rebuilding their homes, cleaning up their properties and replacing their belongings in a season that […]

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Two Cases, One Path: The Future of LGBTQ Rights at the Supreme Court

As the U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing arguments in the landmark Masterpiece Cakeshop case today, news of another case they let stand is making news. In the case of Turner v. Pidgeon – a case pitting LGBTQ spousal benefits against the state of Texas – the high court sided with Texas by refusing to hear arguments and letting the last decision […]

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Texas High School Students ‘Stand Up to Atheists’

Texas High School Students ‘Stand Up to Atheists’ - Zero Atheists Care

If you read about the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) latest warning to a Texas high school, you most likely thought nothing of it, since it seems pretty clear-cut. LaPoynor High School in Larue, Texas, received a letter from FFRF demanding they take down the Christian flag that the school has been flying alongside the Texas and US flags on school grounds. The flag was […]

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Houston Student Suspended For Sitting During Pledge of Allegiance

Windfern High School in Houston, Texas expelled 17-year-old India Landry for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

According to a lawsuit filed last week, Windfern High School in Houston, Texas expelled 17-year-old India Landry for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. Though she’d been sitting out the pledge for years, on Monday, October 2, 2017 she happened to be in the principal’s office when the pledge began over the school intercom. It was the school administration’s knee-jerk […]

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Texas School Falsely Tells Students Pledge is Legally Mandatory

Midland High School in trouble again over compelling students to say the Pledge of Allegiance

Midland High School in Midland, Texas is under fire for a presentation to students that instructed them standing for the Pledge of Allegiance is legally mandatory. Following outcry from parents after the presentation, school officials claimed it was merely a “misunderstanding.” CBS 7 in Texas reported on the incident: “It’s basically a law,” Seth Ortega said. “We need to stand to […]

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Lessons From Houston

I wonder if we will learn anything from the pictures of devastation coming from Houston. Leave aside the contentious arguments over climate change, and the degree to which it contributed to the severity of the storm. There were other omens even denialists should have been able to appreciate. Last year, for example, a ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigation found that officials charged with addressing Houston’s […]

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Conservatives & Abortion: Texas Tells Heidi To Go Yodel

Planned Parenthood in Texas versus The Heidi Group

I do love Texas. Whenever I need examples of really stupid government behavior for classroom use, I can count on the Lone Star State to supply them. A recent example, courtesy of the AP: Texas has been an enthusiastic participant in the war against Planned Parenthood, and in 2011 it banned the organization from a women’s health program meant to provide low-cost […]

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TX Supreme Court: No Government Benefits To Married LGBTQ Couples


The Texas Supreme Court just ruled that married same-sex couples do not enjoy the right to the same government-related benefits married opposite-sex couples have access to. The decision comes mere days after the United States Supreme Court struck down an Arkansas law that treated same-sex couples differently in having both names on their children’s birth certificates. The Austin Statesman reported today: […]

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Anti-Atheist San Antonio Mayor Loses Run-Off Election

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor (the politician who blamed atheism for generational poverty claiming people without religion are “broken”) lost her mayor seat in a run-off election against opponent City Council member Ron Nirenberg. In the weekend election, Nirenberg took 55% of the total vote besting Taylor by a full ten points. Local ABC affiliate KSAT 12 reported, “Following a Saturday runoff […]

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott “Jokes” About Shooting Journalists

Greg Abbott jokes about shooting reporters

Two days after Montana Republican Greg Gianforte reportedly assaulted Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs for asking about the CBO score on the deeply unpopular AHCA, Texas Governor Greg Abbott “joked” about shooting reporters. Holding a gun range target, Abbott spoke to press and observers about legislation he just signed into law significantly lowering the fee to obtain a gun in Texas. “I’m […]

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