War on Women: Slowly Evolving Cultural Attitudes

war on women

Social change almost always happens slowly and unevenly, and while it is occurring, people who were socialized into older worldviews must co-exist (uneasily) with those who have adopted the emerging paradigms. I am old enough to have seen enormous changes in the way women participate in American society. With the exception of a brief period after high school and before […]

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Kakistocrisy: Trump’s EPA Will Make Cancer Great Again

By using a loophole in federal law that the Obama administration tried to close, the Trump administration will legalize use of air pollution toxins blamed for asthma, lung cancer and a range of other ailments.

Every once in a while, I think about James Madison’s touching belief that Americans would elect “the best and brightest” to represent them in the halls of government. (He’s probably spinning so fast in his grave he may be in China by now.) Anyone who reads or listens to the news can contribute their own preferred anecdote to the daily […]

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Discomfort: Minnesota School District Censors Classic Literature

From a recent article in the Guardian, we learn that  A school district in Minnesota has pulled To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from its curriculum, arguing that the classic novels’ use of racial slurs risked students being “humiliated or marginalised”. The article noted that there had been no specific complaints raised from students (or, evidently, their parents) about the […]

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Yet Another Puerto Rico FEMA Contracting Debacle

Photo: Carlos Giusti | AP

One of the unfortunate things about the daily tweet-storms and other indignities coming nonstop from the White House is that they inevitably distract us from the multiple reports of more long-term, ongoing damage being done by this Administration. Case in point: Puerto Rico, where last week’s explosion at a power plant has once again deprived those who had actually gotten […]

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Double Standard: Trump’s Racism & Misogyny

Over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Ed Brayton muses about the stark differences between Donald Trump’s response to accusations of wrongdoing against those he likes–rich or powerful white male cronies–and his attitude toward minorities who have actually been vindicated by the evidence. As Brayton points out, when Trump finally commented about Rob Porter, a close aide who was forced to resign […]

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A Lesson On Know-Nothingness

GOP is the new Know Nothing Party thanks to the Tea party

Paul Krugman recently delivered a lesson on “Know Nothingness”–both as historical reference and descriptive term: If you’re a student of history, you might be comparing that person to a member of the Know Nothing party of the 1850s, a bigoted, xenophobic, anti-immigrant group that at its peak included more than a hundred members of Congress and eight governors. More likely, however, you’re suggesting […]

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Study: Trump Supporters Share Fake News More Than Anyone Else

After each new Trump travesty, my friends and family have taken to asking each other the same question: “Who the hell could still support this buffoon? How stupid would someone have to be to drink this particular Kool-aid?” A recent study conducted by Oxford University apparently answers that (not-so-rhetorical) question. Low-quality, extremist, sensationalist and conspiratorial news published in the US was overwhelmingly consumed […]

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