Religious Wrong: The FHSAA Loudspeaker Controversy

FHSAA prayer

Imagine you and three friends rent a house together. You all pay your shares of the rent, maintenance, utilities and food costs. One of your roommates is vegan, and insists that no food can be purchased or brought into the house that does not meet strict vegan requirements. If you protest, saying that you are happy to keep your preferred […]

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Florida: Bill Filed to Insert Religion into Public Schools

Religion in public schools may become law thanks to Kim Daniels and Dennis Baxley - SB 436

Legislation filed by state lawmakers would allow the insertion of religious beliefs into public classrooms across the state of Florida.  House Bill 303 and it’s companion bill Senate Bill 436 – known collectively as the “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act” – would prohibit Florida public school districts “from discriminating against students, parents, & school personnel on basis of religious viewpoints or expression.” As […]

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WA: Bill Would Legalize Religious Proselytizing at Schools

Former Coach Joe Kennedy prayed with students and wants his job back to do it again - religious proselytizing

Republicans in the Washington state legislature proposed legislation this week that would allow sports coaches to proselytize their religious beliefs on public school grounds following games. HB 1602 – otherwise known as the act “Concerning the exercise of expressive rights following school sports activities” – has roots in the ongoing controversy over an assistant football coach losing his position over illegal religious proselytizing […]

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Virginia GOP Targets Transgender Community in HB2-Style Bill [UPDATED]

The Virginia GOP proposes HB1612 - an HB2 style bathroom bill

Not taking the lessons of North Carolina’s transphobic HB2 to heart, the Virginia GOP just proposed legislation targeting transgender people for explicit discrimination in gender-segregated facilities. HB1612 – also known as the Physical Privacy Act – would prohibit transgender persons from using facilities that match their gender identity in “public schools, public institutions of higher education, and government buildings.” The bill’s […]

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Boca Raton: Teacher Behind Secular Display Under Attack

Boca Raton atheist secular display owner a teacher preston smith

The man responsible for the Pentagram display in Boca Raton, Florida – a teacher at Boca Raton Community Middle School – is under attack by his school’s PTA for efforts to promote secularism and separation of church and state through the Satanic display next to the Christian nativity in Sanborn Square Park. He erected the Satanic display next to the Freedom From […]

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Ideological Purity: When Evidence Doesn’t Matter

Public versus private - Despite mounting evidence, conservatives continue pushing for the privatization of America

A friend who lives in Wisconsin recently shared an article from the Madison newspaper, detailing the declining rank of the University of Wisconsin in the wake of Scott Walker’s savage cuts to that institution. Now-retired UW-Madison Chancellor John Wiley would often say that it took well over 100 years for the people of Wisconsin to build a world-class university, but it […]

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Actions Speak Louder: Trump’s Terrifying Appointments

trump administration

While a large chunk of national reporters have already begun giving President Elect Trump the benefit of the doubt as he verbally flip-flops on a significant portion of the most extreme campaign promises made over the last year, it’s important to understand only one thing about our next president: he lies when it’s politically or financially expedient. He lied throughout the […]

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Secular Group Threatened For Fighting Christian Proselytization in Schools

Tri-State Freethinkers receive threats for fighting Christian promotion in schools

After sending a lengthy letter to Grant County Schools in Kentucky to oppose unconstitutional Christian proselytization, Tri-State Freethinkers began receiving threats for their constitutional activism. Trouble began when Tri-State Freethinkers – a social, academic, and activist group with over 1000 members in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio – decided to take a stand against the ongoing and blatant First Amendment violations […]

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Texas Student Paddled For Not Standing for Pledge

Texas Student Carrie Douglas Paddled For Not Standing for Pledge of Allegiance

 A student at Dawson Junior/Senior High School in Dawson, Texas was paddled by school officials after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Though the school administration claims the corporal punishment – which is legal in Texas – was due to the student being disruptive, they can’t point to any actual disruptive actions other than her constitutionally protected refusal […]

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O’Fallon (IL) School Staff Participates in SYATP Prayer Event

O'Fallon School District 90 schools Amelia V. Carriel Junior High and Edward Fulton Junior High School participated in SYATP event with teacher participation

Staff at two junior high schools illegally participated in the student-run “See You At The Pole” (SYATP) event held nationally around the country last week. The event – which is legally restricted to students as school teachers, staff and administrators are barred by law from leading in or participating in prayer with students on school grounds – is one of […]

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