Ideological Purity: When Evidence Doesn’t Matter

Public versus private - Despite mounting evidence, conservatives continue pushing for the privatization of America

A friend who lives in Wisconsin recently shared an article from the Madison newspaper, detailing the declining rank of the University of Wisconsin in the wake of Scott Walker’s savage cuts to that institution. Now-retired UW-Madison Chancellor John Wiley would often say that it took well over 100 years for the people of Wisconsin to build a world-class university, but it […]

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Actions Speak Louder: Trump’s Terrifying Appointments

trump administration

While a large chunk of national reporters have already begun giving President Elect Trump the benefit of the doubt as he verbally flip-flops on a significant portion of the most extreme campaign promises made over the last year, it’s important to understand only one thing about our next president: he lies when it’s politically or financially expedient. He lied throughout the […]

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Secular Group Threatened For Fighting Christian Proselytization in Schools

Tri-State Freethinkers receive threats for fighting Christian promotion in schools

After sending a lengthy letter to Grant County Schools in Kentucky to oppose unconstitutional Christian proselytization, Tri-State Freethinkers began receiving threats for their constitutional activism. Trouble began when Tri-State Freethinkers – a social, academic, and activist group with over 1000 members in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio – decided to take a stand against the ongoing and blatant First Amendment violations […]

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Texas Student Paddled For Not Standing for Pledge

Texas Student Carrie Douglas Paddled For Not Standing for Pledge of Allegiance

 A student at Dawson Junior/Senior High School in Dawson, Texas was paddled by school officials after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Though the school administration claims the corporal punishment – which is legal in Texas – was due to the student being disruptive, they can’t point to any actual disruptive actions other than her constitutionally protected refusal […]

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O’Fallon (IL) School Staff Participates in SYATP Prayer Event

O'Fallon School District 90 schools Amelia V. Carriel Junior High and Edward Fulton Junior High School participated in SYATP event with teacher participation

Staff at two junior high schools illegally participated in the student-run “See You At The Pole” (SYATP) event held nationally around the country last week. The event – which is legally restricted to students as school teachers, staff and administrators are barred by law from leading in or participating in prayer with students on school grounds – is one of […]

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Good News Club Flyer Shockingly Doesn’t Mention Threats of Hell

Good News Club (GNC) infiltrating schools
 Illustration by Doug Chayka

Noticing a trend here?  Thanks to a tweet from Jodie Westin of Crofton, MD (@semperscarlet), I came across this Good News Club introductory flyer… Good News Club starts on Monday….hope to see you there @CroftonWoodsES — Jodie Westin (@semperscarlet) September 30, 2016 What a great looking club!  Free games, music, snacks and prizes for our kids. Sounds awesome! And on […]

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Humble, TX School Under Fire For Teacher-Led SYATP Prayer

Humble Independent School District in Humble, Texas is under fire for allowing teachers to participate in and lead prayer during the “See You At The Pole” (SYATP) event held at Eagle Springs Elementary School on September 28, 2016. SYATP is meant to be a student-organized, student-led (in order to keep the activity legal) Christian prayer event held across the nation. Public school staff, administration and […]

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Trump Endorses Religious Indoctrination of School Children

Trump endorses Joe Kennedy for his religious indoctrination of students

At the Retired American Warriors PAC speech yesterday where he made the now infamous PTSD remarks, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke out for Joe Kennedy – the terminated assistant football coach from Bremerton High School who was fired for illegally leading students in prayer after games. Kennedy’s appearance at the rally and the mentioning of his name by Trump […]

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Bridgeport City Officials Promote Religion as Solution to Crime

In what constitutes an inappropriate and potentially illegal promotion of religion by city officials, several Bridgeport, Connecticut officials spoke at a march over the weekend about how lack of religious fervor in their city is the reason for crime and the solution to reducing everything from gang activity to shootings. The Connecticut Post reported on the church/state boundary crossing: The […]

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MA Student Punished For Sitting Out Anthem

oppong doherty memorial high school massachusetts anthem suspension

A high school football player at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, Massachusetts was suspended from playing after sitting out the national anthem. Though it’s illegal to punish students for engaging in protected speech, the high school reportedly retaliated against player Mike Oppong – a junior defensive back on the high school’s football team – for his protest of racial injustice across the […]

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