Trump, Syria & How Not To Be “Presidential”

Donald Trump and Syria

Just as they did with his practiced, non-shouting address to Congress a few weeks ago, several pundits (like Fareed Zakaria) are labeling the decision to throw out all existing foreign policy positions in order to bomb Syria as the first time Donald Trump has acted “presidentially” or lived up to the expectations of the office. Let’s be crystal clear: shirking existing policy to impulsively bomb […]

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Trump Anti-Immigrant VOICE Initiative Has Nazi Roots

Trump proposes VOICE - program with Nazi roots

During his first speech before a joint session of Congress last night, Donald Trump brought up an initiative that has overt ties to Nazi Germany. Called VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement), the initiative would publicize crimes committed by immigrants within the borders of the United States. Addressing those gathered, Trump rationalized his new police force explaining, “We are providing a voice to those who have […]

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Intelligence Community Confirms: Muslim Ban Pointless

The Resistance: fighting the Trump administration's Muslim Ban and other poliicies

Despite assurances from the Trump administration a report would be forthcoming proving the need for a new “travel ban” from the seven predominantly Muslim countries targeted in his original unconstitutional executive order, the intelligence community this evening leaked a three page report the Department of Homeland Security attempted to bury showing those seven countries pose little to no additional risk to […]

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TEXAS: ICE Immigration Raids Begin in Austin as Predicted

ICE immigration raids

Last week we wrote about news emerging from Austin, Texas that a rumored crackdown by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) following Donald Trump’s immigration executive order and continued attacks and threats against sanctuary cities was about to commence. We now have confirmation ICE is conducting raids in Austin thanks to a statement from a city council member. Writing on his official Facebook […]

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Travel Ban Loses in Appeals Court; Trump Furious

the Trump Muslim travel ban lost in appeals court at the 9th circuit

After a widely heard hearing before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this week on Donald Trump’s unpopular travel ban, a three judge panel unanimously ruled against the Department of Justice and maintained a stay against enforcement originally established last week. That stay was issued via a temporary restraining order decided by Washington state district Judge James Robart. The Trump administration […]

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TEXAS: Austin Bracing for ICE Immigration Raids [UPDATED]

ICE immigration raids

Immigration advocates across Austin, Texas are bracing for a rumored crackdown by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) following Donald Trump’s immigration executive order and continued attacks and threats against sanctuary cities. Austin NBC affiliate KXAN reported on the preparations taking place: Local immigration attorneys and activists are bracing for possible raids in Central Texas, after President Donald Trump recently signed an […]

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War Path: Trump Unnecessarily Angers Foreign Countries

Donald Trump contimues to blunder through foreign policy conflicts

Since taking office, Donald Trump has (in an unprecedented fashion) managed to anger several countries through his plans, actions, and sheer incompetence. As the list grows, one thing sticks out: the only country he isn’t angering is the one that deserves it the most. Australia During a call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Donald Trump became angry over what he viewed were “illegal […]

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Monday Night Massacre: Trump Fires Acting AG [UPDATED]

Damiel Ragsdale & Sally Yates fired over Trump executive order #MondayNightMassacre

This evening Donald Trump fired not only acting Attorney General Sally Yates but also demoted acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Daniel Ragsdale. The move mirrors a similar move by President Nixon during Watergate on a night now called ‘Saturday Night Massacre‘ in which he dismissed “independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and as a result the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy […]

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Trump’s Attack on Refugees: How Long Can This Last?

Trump executive order targets Syria refugees and Muslims

Sentient Americans of all political persuasions knew that Donald Trump was unfit to occupy the Oval Office. We knew he was unstable. But even those of us who were terrified by his election have been astonished by the speed with which he is harming critical American interests and plunging the country–and world– into chaos. Trump’s most recent Executive Order, banning […]

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