Conservative Operative Makes Fake Rape Claims To Support Roy Moore

Project Veritas Conservative Operative Makes Fake Rape Claims To Get Roy Moore Elected

A conservative operative working with Project Veritas attempted to trick the Washington Post into publishing a false rape and abortion account to damage the outlet’s credibility and help elect Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate. WaPo saw through the sting almost immediately as they looked into the woman’s story and ended up publishing an exposé article on the woman, the […]

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The Escalating Roy Moore Child Molestation & Sexual Assault Scandal

The Escalating Roy Moore Child Molestation Scandal

Following the blockbuster account published by the Washington Post detailing the stories of four women who say Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore engaged in inappropriate sexual relations with them, the race to elect Jeff Sessions’ replacement took a strange turn no one could have predicted. At the center of the controversy is one accuser who was 14 at the time […]

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Sexual Assault Apparently Only Crime Where Ignorance of the Law Is an Acceptable Excuse

sexual assault

“Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.” Even those of us who do not work in the legal field know this axiom. Even if you didn’t pay attention to the speed limit sign on the side of the road, you can still be busted for speeding. However, there exists one area in which ignorance of the law apparently does […]

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The U.S. Citizenship Process is Hurting Disadvantaged Women

immigration citizenship

Why did the woman take birth control before she crossed the border? Because she knew she was going to be raped. Migrants are an extremely vulnerable group, and the most vulnerable among them are women and girls. Female migrants attempting to cross the border into the U.S. from Mexico take contraceptive pills and yet do not plan on having sex […]

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Kentucky Passes 20 Week Abortion Ban

abortion - keep abortions safe and legal

Wasting no time in the new Republican-controlled session, the Kentucky legislature just passed a 20 week abortion ban today. The bill will now go to Governor Matt Bevin (who is expected to sign the bill into law immediately). Republicans proposed the legislation – SB5 – at the beginning of the legislative session earlier this week. If Bevin signs it into law, it will […]

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Trump Adviser: Ban Abortion Without Rape & Incest Exceptions

Marjorie Dannenfelser anti-abortion extremist

The Trump campaign just brought on a new adviser as a part of his “pro-life coalition” that believes abortion should be banned without rape and incest exceptions – even if the mother’s life is at risk. Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List (SBA), will head Trump’s new pro-life coalition. In a letter drafted to recruit members […]

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Trump: War Crimes & Other National Security Forum Oddities

Trump speaks to Matt Lauer at the MSNBC military security forum

During tonight’s MSNBC candidates’ forum focusing on national security, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told several outright lies and made several odd and disconcerting statements including stating a policy position that would constitute a war crime. Here are some of the bigger doozies: Trump insulted top military leaders saying they’re “rubble” while simultaneously saying he would rely on that same set of […]

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Ann Coulter Compares Trump Gaffes to Rape Culture

Ann Coulter

In a remarkably lopsided column (even for her) published Wednesday, professional conservative troll Ann Coulter compared Trump’s frequent and unscripted gaffes to blaming women for being raped. Making the argument that Trump hasn’t actually misspoken or made mistakes, Coulter argues that it’s all the mainstream media’s fault for making it appear that Trump is a baffling buffoon. Claiming that “Every […]

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TLC Bringing Back Duggar Reality Show ’19 Kids & Counting’

Duggar Family

Despite numerous scandals including the family conspiring to hide Josh Duggar sexually abusing his sisters and Josh’s use of to have sex with women outside his marriage, TLC will be bringing back ’19 Kids & Counting’ – the reality television show documenting the lives of the Duggar family. Though the network hasn’t made an official announcement of the show’s return yet, […]

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Texas Politician Jonathan Stickland Condones Marital Rape

Reports emerged yesterday that Texas state Representative Jonathan Stickland (R) previously condoned marital rape as well as sought out “smoking buddies” to recreationally enjoy marijuana. The far right legislator’s past came to light courtesy of his GOP primaries opponent: Pastor Scott Fisher. In a comment to a in March 2008 Stickland (going by the user name Stick) responded to […]

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