Secretary of State: Tillerson Was Bad – Pompeo Will Be Worse


My mother–who under no circumstances could be considered an optimist–had a couple of favorite sayings: “Every silver cloud has a black lining,” and “Things are never so bad that they can’t get worse.” Until Donald Trump’s election, I didn’t believe her. Yesterday we learned that Rex Tillerson had been fired as Secretary of State and that he would be replaced […]

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Planet Fitness Transgender Lawsuit Heads To Michigan Supreme Court

Yvette Cormier is taking her anti - transgender lawsuit against Planet Fitness to the Michigan Supreme Court

Following an unsuccessful lawsuit and appeal against “no judgement” gym Planet Fitness, a Michigan woman is taking her case to the state Supreme Court to argue that she shouldn’t be forced to share locker rooms with transgender women. The complainant – Yvette Cormier – misgendered the trans woman in question (Carlotta Sklowdowska) throughout lower court hearings arguing she was a man […]

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Cambridge Analytica: It’s Much More Than Just Fake News

This is the time of year when my students–graduate and undergraduate–present the results of their research projects to their classmates (and, of course, me). One of my better undergraduate students focused upon the legal implications of the increasing use of household “personal assistants”–those sort of “Siri for home use” voice-activated electronic devices like Amazon’s “Echo.” In addition to detailing the […]

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The Gorsuch Nomination

Neil Gorsuch

As I have previously written, the most damning argument against Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation has nothing to do with his bona fides, which are impressive. It is the inescapable fact that his elevation to the Supreme Court will be illegitimate–the result of a very dangerous and cynical misuse of political power. The Republicans’ refusal to afford Merrick Garland a hearing has been widely […]

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Texas GOP Pushing anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

Texas GOP proposes SB6 - Privacy Protection Act - a transgender bathroom bill

Joining with Kentucky and Virginia this week, the Texas GOP is proposing legislation to ban transgender individuals from using gender-segregated facilities that align with their gender identity. SB6 – also known as the Privacy Protection Act – targets transgender people for explicit discrimination in places of public accommodation. The comprehensive legislation doesn’t just target the transgender community; rather, it also […]

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Virginia GOP Targets Transgender Community in HB2-Style Bill [UPDATED]

The Virginia GOP proposes HB1612 - an HB2 style bathroom bill

Not taking the lessons of North Carolina’s transphobic HB2 to heart, the Virginia GOP just proposed legislation targeting transgender people for explicit discrimination in gender-segregated facilities. HB1612 – also known as the Physical Privacy Act – would prohibit transgender persons from using facilities that match their gender identity in “public schools, public institutions of higher education, and government buildings.” The bill’s […]

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Texas State Senator Files SB242 to Out LGBTQ Students to Parents

Konni Burton proposes SB242 - a bill targeting LGBTQ youth

As the state legislative session in Texas begins, state Senator Konni Burton (R) just filed legislation that would force schools to out LGBTQ students to their parents. SB242 takes aim at “the right of a child ’s parent to public school records and information concerning the child” on the surface. Under that veneer, however, Burton’s explicit intentions in filing the legislation are clear. BACKSTORY […]

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Texas School Superintendent Boasts He’ll Defy Obama on Trans Rights

Dr. Rodney Cavness of Port Neches-Groves ISD

Commenting on today’s joint memo from the Department of Education and Justice Department outlining transgender student protections in all public schools, a Texas school superintendent publicly announced his intentions to defy the Obama administration and continue discriminating against transgender children and teens. Speaking with 12News anchor Kevin Steele, Port Neches-Groves Superintendent Dr. Rodney Cavness managed to combine boogeyman transgender myths, […]

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Justice & Education Departments Issue Trans Rights Guidelines

Title IX transgender bathroom
Photo: Toby Talbot/AP

Following up on U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s historic transgender rights speech announcing a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina to overturn HB2, the Department of Education and the Justice Department today issued a joint memo detailing guidelines protecting transgender students nationwide. The guidelines offer school administrations and educators useful guidelines in implementing safeguards for trans students as prescribed […]

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Megyn Kelly Grills McCrory Over HB2 & Trans Bathroom Use

Megyn Kelly Grills McCrory Over HB2 & Trans Bathroom Use

Probing further than any other reporter thus far, Fox’s Megyn Kelly grilled North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory last night on the Kelly File over his effort to pass HB2 – the bill that (among other things) forces transgender men and women to use the bathroom aligning with the assigned sex on their birth certificate. In previous interviews (such as the […]

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