It’s Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Combating Nazis and white supremacists: It's Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Following the Civil War, a smattering of statues memorializing the war and its traitorous lost cause appeared sporadically across the South funded mostly by those unwilling to admit defeat. By the early 1900’s though, the concept transformed as white supremacy took hold and the KKK began exerting political power across the nation. As a way of intimidating not only people […]

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Brave New World: Psychographic Profiling & Politics

Psychographic Profiling

Okay, I am now officially worried. Really worried. A few days ago, The Guardian reported on a recent conference of internet hackers, held in Las Vegas. (Yes, even hackers evidently have conferences….) Using “psychographic” profiles of individual voters generated from publicly stated interests really does work, according to new research presented at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The controversial practice allows […]

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Votes That Count: The Case For Proportional Voting

voter id, voter suppression and voting in the elections

Vox recently had a provocative article advocating “proportional voting,” and claiming that the institution of such a voting system would solve two of America’s thorniest political problems: partisan polarization and the number of “wasted” votes. A bit of background: we currently have an electoral system in which–as the article says– your vote is far more likely to shape Congress if you live […]

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Jeffrey Lord, CNN & Misunderstanding the First Amendment

jeffrey lord

CNN fired Jeffrey Lord this week after he responded to online critical feedback with the Nazi slogan “Sieg Heil!” Lord – an avid Trump supporter and self-proclaimed “First Amendment fundamentalist” – spent much of his time on CNN defending the Trump administration’s excuses and outright lies. Background The termination happened after Lord wrote an article attacking Media Matters president Angelo Carusone. Carusone […]

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Two Fires, Two Potential LGBTQ Hate Crimes: Oklahoma & Michigan

After news emerged from Oklahoma earlier this week that a gay couple is suing over an alleged case of arson and their community’s participation in a set of hate crimes surrounding that fire at their home, a couple in Jaskson, Michigan are facing similar circumstances after their house burned to the ground this week in what’s being investigated as arson. […]

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Policy For Dummies: Trump’s Handout To Coal Executives

Policy For Dummies: Trump's Handout To Coal Executives

Permit me to channel–okay, parody– Elizabeth Barrett Browning. How do I ridicule thee? Let me count the ways. I sneer to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach… President Trump–in his obsessive effort to eradicate anything and everything that his predecessor did (he was black, you know)– has reversed Obama’s moratorium on new leases for coal mining […]

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Speaking of Fake News: The Sinclair Broadcast Group Quid Pro Quo

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Well, I see where Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law is hosting a “news” show on Facebook, to give supporters the “real” scoop on the administration’s greatness….Since Trump’s vast accomplishments appear to have escaped the notice of credible journalism outlets, the family evidently felt the need to give the base a more flattering version of events in Washington. And also, according to yesterday’s Washington Post, […]

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Those Republican “Moderates”

GOP Crazy Train - the Republican Party is broken conservative

I have frequently noted how far today’s GOP has traveled since my days as an active Republican. I’m not alone, of course, in describing the differences between the party of Eisenhower and even Reagan, and today’s radical Rightists–Facebook posts routinely include surprising quotes from former Republican presidents, and one recurring item contrasts the party’s 1955 platform with the party’s more recent–and far […]

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Pravda: Will Trump Make Us the Next North Korea or Russia?

Trump state-run media

Last week Lara Trump (Eric Trump’s wife) made news by starring in a Trump campaign produced “real news” video posted to Donald Trump’s Facebook page. The video labeled mainstream media “fake news” while arguing to offer “real” news focusing exclusively on positive aspects of the current administration. That flirtation with state-run media may be escalating as a new video appeared on […]

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Has Liberalism Failed?

For quite a while, I called myself an “18th Century liberal,” because I considered myself a genuine conservative, a term I defined as a fiscal conservative who believed in conserving the libertarian principle developed during the Enlightenment. The meaning of “liberalism” (at least until Rush Limbaugh et al appropriated the term for use as an expletive) was–as Fareed Zakaria recently noted in a New […]

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