Trump Effect: KY Gov. Bevin’s Anti-Journalist Media Policy

Matt Bevin

Following in the footsteps of the man who ran a campaign based on maligning the Fourth Estate, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin spent the last few weeks shutting out major news agencies while using social media to reach state residents. His media policy shares parallels with Vice President and former Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s similar 2015 ploy to create a state-run media establishment. The Courier-Journal […]

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Our Mr. Brooks: Civic Engagement & Anti-Intellectualism

Our Mister Brooks

In the early days of television, Eve Arden played “Our Miss Brooks”– a sardonic, wise-cracking and self-aware observer of life around her. David Brooks, our present-day “Mr. Brooks,” is a columnist for the New York Times who often produces perceptive analyses of governance and American society–and sometimes follows them with truly bizarre “meditations.”  The link is to one of the latter. He opens […]

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What Trump’s Israel Intelligence Remarks Clearly Demonstrate

Trump and Netanyahu in Israel

After revealing highly classified information to Russian officials during a closed-door visit to the Oval Office two weeks ago, Donald Trump argued today he never mentioned Israel by name as the source. He added that reporting indicating he revealed the source of the intelligence is “wrong.” The main problem with his argument is that no major news outlet reported Trump as having […]

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“Those People”: The Economic Realities Of Demonizing ‘Otherness’

those people otherness

Most of us have been in conversations that included someone’s dismissive reference to “those people.” When I was growing up in Anderson, Indiana (with exactly 30 Jewish families in the whole town), the term was often applied to Jews. It was also–and remains–a favored euphemism when race is being discussed by people who don’t like to think of themselves as […]

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Know Nothings: Trump’s War on Expertise

Donald Trump

The Trump Administration’s war on expertise continues to expand. Jeff Sessions (memorably identified by a Facebook friend as one of those Confederate monuments that should be removed) ignores 40+ years of criminal justice research and intensifies the drug war.  Betsy DeVos gives a feminine finger to the mountains of data rebutting her insistence that vouchers improve educational outcomes. Scott Pruitt […]

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Jeff Sessions, Drugs and the Late Lamented GOP

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is a poster boy for the contemporary GOP–a perfect example of its takeover by racists, misogynists and anti-intellectuals, and its retreat from (and misapplication of) its philosophical roots. Nowhere is the intellectual and moral corruption Sessions represents clearer than in his enthusiasm for re-instituting the War on Drugs–a counterproductive effort that even the rank and file of the […]

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Trump Wants Flynn Back in the White House

Michael Flynn 's Russia Scandal: What Did Trump Know and When?

Following the blockbuster story that Donald Trump reportedly asked former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn (just before firing him no less), sources now report that Trump is not only still communicating with Flynn but wants to give him another position in the White House. The Daily Beast reported today: But Trump doesn’t just hope that Flynn will beat […]

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Winning Or Losing Elections Isn’t Emotional; It’s Structural

voter id, voter suppression and voting in the elections

I generally shy away from basing my blogs–or my own opinions, for that matter–on material from partisan sources. Trump and his enablers may accuse traditional media of being “fake” or biased, but that’s a tactic, not an accurate description, so I try to limit my references to places like the New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, etc. But in the aftermath of […]

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U.S. Denying Visas to Gay Men Fleeing Chechnya

U.S. Denying Visas to Gay Men Fleeing Chechnya

After the world learned last month that Chechnya had at least one (if not multiple) operating concentration camps targeting gay men, one of the first questions involved how world powers would react. Knowing the harm he’s already inflicted on the LGBTQ community just within his first 100 days, LGBTQ civil rights advocates did not expect Donald Trump to offer any solace or safety to those fleeing […]

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