Anti-Gay Lawmaker Resigns After Being Caught Having Same-Sex Relations

Ohio state legislator Wes Goodman

Hypocrisy occurs in varying degrees throughout the American political system. Ohio state legislator Wes Goodman recently provided a case-in-point example when the openly anti-LGBTQ 33-year-old was caught engaging in sexual relations with another man in his office. Goodman — whose wife is a prominent anti-abortion lobbyist — stepped down from office after the embarrassing event. Fellow Republicans have called Goodman […]

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Toledo Bans Conversion Therapy & Protects Gender Identity

LGBTQ rights in Toledo Ohio - gay and transgender rights

Yesterday the Toledo, Ohio City Council unanimously approved a measure banning anti-gay conversion therapy while adding gender identity to their city’s anti-discrimination protection classes. While many in the religious conservative community opposed it arguing its mental health counseling requirements would affect them (they won’t), those actually credentialed to provide such care lauded the vote. The Toledo Blade reported: Conversion therapy, which is designed to change a […]

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Appointments & Allies: Trump is NOT an LGBTQ Ally

Appointments and Allies - Donald Trump is not an LGBTQ Ally

While President Elect Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed to be an ally to the LGBTQ community, recent actions and appointments demonstrate he has nothing but ill intentions for LGBTQ people. We touched on this briefly in our rundown of his announced appointments, but the bigger picture deserves a more in depth view. As of the writing of this article, literally […]

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Trump Supporter Calls For Clinton’s Assassination

Dan Bowman called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton

As Donald Trump stokes the fires of “rigged” elections and “Second Amendment remedies” at his rallies, signs are clear his supporters are taking the bait hook line and sinker. Case in point: At a Cincinnati, Ohio rally late last week, 50-year-old Dan Bowman called for Hillary Clinton’s assassination should she become president. “I feel like Hillary needs to be taken out,” […]

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John Kasich Anti-Atheist Comments Prompt Invitation from Atheist Group

john kasich

In a recent trip to New Hampshire in support of a fellow Republican candidate there, Governor John Kasich (OH) made a strange comment about atheism in a bookstore, referring to actor Daniel Radcliffe. You know that Daniel Radcliffe has declared himself an atheist?” Kasich said to no one in particular. “I’m serious. What a weird thing. Why would a guy who […]

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Indianapolis’ Police Domestic Violence Problem

domestic violence

Choosing a career as a Police officer means one is aware of the stressors and dangers that come with the job. Some statistics suggest that a DV call (Domestic Violence) are especially dangerous. Often the arrest and charges come after one has endured several violent encounters by a spouse or significant other. On Friday night (July 29, 2016) a Detective with the […]

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Cleveland Passes Transgender Protections Ahead of GOP Convention

transgender flag

Mere days ahead of the GOP Convention, the city of Cleveland unanimously passed restroom and locker room protections for the transgender community. The protections come after a week in which the Republican party refused to recognize the LGBTQ Orlando victims as well as proposed a litany of anti-LGBTQ propositions in their party platform including explicitly targeting the transgender community for discrimination […]

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Anti-Trans Target Activist Arrested For Holding Child Captive

Timothy Ciboro and Esten Ciboro

Proving once more that those who yell the loudest against the LGBT community are normally the people with the most to hide, an Ohio man and his father were arrested last week after holding a 13-year-old girl captive in their basement for more than a year. Prior to his arrest 27 year-old Esten Ciboro spent his free time on social […]

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Ohio GOP to Propose Bathroom Bill Legislation

bathroom bill

Having learned nothing from the fallout in other states with similar legislation, the Ohio GOP is considering bathroom bill style legislation similar to North Carolina HB2 that would dictate which bathrooms transgender men and women can use in public. Rather than pose the issue as one of trans men and women being predators, state Rep. John Becker (R) – the […]

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