Trump Effect: Trashing The Country

national parks

I see that Scott Pruitt intends to roll back the Clean Power Plan put in place during the Obama administration.  Pruitt’s devotion to fossil fuel interests and his determination to eviscerate the agency he heads is, if anything, stronger than ever. To hell with clean air and water, or for that matter, the future of the planet. The Guardian recently looked at […]

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Trump Bans Transgender Persons From Military Service [UPDATED]

Trump attacked LGBTQ rights by rescinding the Obama transgender Title IX guidelines

Over the course of three tweets this morning, Donald Trump effectively banned all transgender men and women from serving in the military. This announcement flies in the face of previous statements proclaiming himself to be a “real friend” to the LGBTQ community. In the tweets, he said: After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the […]

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Words Matter: Dana Loesch’s Violent NRA Commercial

Dana Loesch justifies violence in a new NRA ad

While she’s known for biting criticisms and inflammatory speech, conservative pundit Dana Loesch crossed a line in a recent NRA endorsement video where she all but justified violence against progressives, protesters, people of color and groups disproportionately killed by police for non-violent offenses. Though the video was posted to NRA’s YouTube account in April, it’s just now gaining traction this […]

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Missing the Point: Trump & the Paris Accords

Paris Climate Accords

In the wake of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords, apologists have gone into overdrive. Even those who recognize that climate change is real have pooh poohed the significance of our withdrawal; after all, the goals were voluntary and weak, and anyway, America’s cities and states are stepping up to the plate, so we’ll probably make our goals even without […]

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Spicer’s Post-Yates Flynn Explanation Makes No Sense

Sally Yates, Sean Spicer and Michael Flynn

Throughout his daily briefing today, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer went to great lengths to portray Sally Yates as a partisan that couldn’t be trusted. Moreover, despite adding information to the Michael Flynn timeline, Spicer couldn’t legitimately account for at least 11 days between when the White House allegedly reviewed evidence of Flynn’s lies and problematic “underlying conduct” and when Flynn resigned from his position as […]

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Obama, Yates & the Flynn Scandal: Trump Was Warned Ahead Of Time

Sally Yates, Donald Trump, Obama and Michael Flynn

Hours ahead of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ testimony before Congress, NBC News reported that President Obama warned Donald Trump against hiring Michael Flynn less than 48 hours after the November election last year. This new information builds a stronger case against the Trump administration’s ongoing explanation that Obama is to blame for his transition team’s failure to fully […]

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100 Days of Trump: Where Are Key WhiteHouse.Gov Pages?

100 Days of Trump: Where Are Key WhiteHouse.Gov Pages?

During the inauguration on January 20, the digital transition between the Obama White House and Trump White House websites occurred displacing issues, studies, and entire departments. While his supporters and surrogates explained the Trump administration had just begun and that those pages would assuredly return in some form, climate change scientists, LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS activists, and left-leaning pundits all wondered aloud whether Trump intended to continue […]

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Trump, Syria & How Not To Be “Presidential”

Donald Trump and Syria

Just as they did with his practiced, non-shouting address to Congress a few weeks ago, several pundits (like Fareed Zakaria) are labeling the decision to throw out all existing foreign policy positions in order to bomb Syria as the first time Donald Trump has acted “presidentially” or lived up to the expectations of the office. Let’s be crystal clear: shirking existing policy to impulsively bomb […]

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Trump’s Wiretapping Meltdown Raises Important Questions

Trump's Wiretapping Meltdown Raises Important Questions

Early this morning Donald Trump began a series of tweets accusing the Obama administration of illegal wiretaps during the presidential campaign. Since presidents cannot (by law) order wiretaps, Trump’s outburst raises several important questions. Most importantly, if Trump was indeed the subject of a federal wiretap during his time as a presidential candidate, what evidence was presented to the FISA court so strong as to warrant […]

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