‘Gays For Trump’ Founder Running for North Carolina House

'Gays For Trump' Founder Peter Boykin Running for North Carolina House

Peter Boykin – best known as the controversial founder of ‘Gays for Trump‘ and the partner of the man who violently assaulted a protester at a 2016 Greensboro Trump rally – just filed to run as a Republican North Carolina House candidate. Triad City Beat reported on the filing: Gays for Trump founder Peter Boykin is challenging an African-American Democrat […]

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Christian Nationalism: Our “Seamless Garment” Problem

GOP Dominionism Christianity

When I was a very new academic, I loved attending conferences and listening to scholars from various institutions deliver papers that illuminated issues with which I’d struggled. One of those issues was my puzzlement about why some religious folks seemed unable to “live and let live”–to understand the Bill of Rights as a list of things that government wasn’t supposed […]

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Us Versus Them: Shithole Edition


When reports of Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” remark hit the media, various  outlets  reported “gasps of disbelief” by Congressional Republicans. Give me a break. Anyone who is genuinely surprised to discover that Trump is a racist is too stupid to tie his own shoes. David Leonhardt ticked off  the evidence in his column for the New York Times: • Trump’s real-estate company […]

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Voting One’s Interests

Rise of the Trump SWASP

Fareed Zakaria is a savvy observer of both domestic governance and international relations, and he makes a very good point in a recent Washington Post column. It has become a (tiresome) truism that many Americans “vote against their own interests.” This assertion has always annoyed me, because it embodies a couple of arrogant assumptions: first, that the speaker/writer knows better than those voters […]

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Louisville Pub Enters the National NFL Protest Conversation

TK's Pub in Louisville Enters the National NFL Protest Conversation

TK’s Pub in Louisville is the latest small business to enter the NFL protest fray after owner Todd King announced yesterday he is removing all NFL paraphernalia from his restaurant. His stance mirrors that of many other white conservatives: that black athletes should not be allowed to protest racial injustice by silently kneeling during the national anthem. “We don’t like […]

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Oklahoma School to Illegally Force Students to Stand During Pledge

Stuart Public Schools in Oklahoma will illegally force students to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

Stuart Public Schools in Oklahoma will require students to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance despite federal law prohibiting public schools from engaging in such conduct. The change in policy comes amid the national discussion about NFL players peacefully kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and systemic racism. According to the new policy: Stuart Public School respects […]

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At Fox, Tomi Lahren Continues Attack on Protesting NFL Players

At Fox, Tomi Lahren Continues Attack on Protesting NFL Players

Tomi Lahren spent the better part of the last year attacking black athletes kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice. She’s not only targeted the group en masse, but has singled out players like Colin Kaepernick (who began the movement) using dog whistle (and sometimes outright racist) arguments. Now – using her new Fox News position […]

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Talking About What We Understand: Trump’s Puerto Rico Problem

Donald Trump in Puerto Rico

One of the bloggers I follow is Doug Masson, a thoughtful and impressively erudite observer of the circus that is current American politics. I was especially struck by his recent post on the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and mainland American preoccupations. Puerto Rico is suffering. Like a lot. 3.4 million Americans have been without power for 5 days and the prospect of […]

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What Do We Do?

civic participation & democratic norms

Yesterday morning, I spoke to the Danville Unitarians. Later in the afternoon, Mike Pence ostentatiously walked out of the Colts game when players “took a knee” to protest racism and inequality. In light of his despicable posturing,  my morning remarks seem particularly relevant, so I’m sharing them. When I was a very new lawyer, an older lawyer in the firm […]

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