Trump’s Abhorrent Loyalists: It’s Getting Harder To Ignore

Trump's Abhorrent Loyalists: It’s Getting Harder To Ignore

In the wake of the events in Charlottesville– especially in the wake of the White House’s reluctance to name and blame those responsible and yesterday’s return to a defensive insistence on the equivalence of “both sides”– it has become much more difficult for Trump apologists to deny what has been obvious to many of us since well before the Presidential […]

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It’s Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Combating Nazis and white supremacists: It's Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Following the Civil War, a smattering of statues memorializing the war and its traitorous lost cause appeared sporadically across the South funded mostly by those unwilling to admit defeat. By the early 1900’s though, the concept transformed as white supremacy took hold and the KKK began exerting political power across the nation. As a way of intimidating not only people […]

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Charlottesville: Fox News Compares Confederate Flag to Rainbow Flag

Star Parker

Fox News guest Star Parker argued today that those decrying symbols like the Confederate battle flag are hypocrites because they defend the LGBTQ rainbow flag. This denouncement happened while offering a defense to Donald Trump’s two-day waiting period before reluctantly denouncing the Nazis and white supremacists that rioted in Chalottesville, Virginia and murdered one person. “What do you think about […]

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Trump’s Flirtatious History With White Supremacists & Nazis

Trump and the Nazi / White Supremacy riot in Charlottesville VA

Donald Trump’s initial statements condemning the Nazi and white supremacist led actions in Charlottesville, Virginia should come as no surprise to those who followed his campaign closely last year. The lukewarm “many sides” rebuke – viewed as a victory among violent right-wing extremists – is only the latest in a long line of winks and nods to a community that […]

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Trump and White Christian Nationalism

Charlottesville Nazis and white supremacists

The past few days, in addition to the spectacle of two immature, ignorant and nuclear- armed heads of state throwing verbal poo at each other, the media has been filled with images of torch-wielding white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia. A “Unite The Right” rally organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer descended into chaos and violence Saturday in Charlottesville, as thousands of “alt […]

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When America First Means Putting Democracy Second

America First

News that the State Department is scrubbing the promotion of justice and democracy from its mission is just the latest in a steady and unending stream of signals the Trump administration is pushing the nation further away from small-d democracy. It follows the alienation of democratic allies, the promotion of undemocratic ideals abroad, and perhaps most egregiously, the cozying up […]

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The American Idea

Constitution of the United States of America - the American Idea

In the very first book I wrote (“What’s a Nice Republican Girl Like Me Doing at the ACLU?”), I advanced a theory I called “the American Idea.” My thesis was that one becomes an American through allegiance to what I call “the American Idea”–the philosophy of governance advanced in the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Unlike citizenries […]

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Trump, Le Pen and Racism

Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen

On “Last Week Tonight,” his brilliant take on the world we inhabit, John Oliver spent considerable time discussing the upcoming French elections. The entire segment is worth watching–it’s informative as well as hilarious (if depressing can be hilarious)–but one quote really struck home. “One of the frustrating things about watching this unfold from America, is this feels a little like […]

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Breitbart Advertising Boycott Backfiring Spectacularly

Breitbart launches an attack on Kelloggs for stopping advertising.

As has been the case with literally every other boycott the embattled conservative media outlet has engaged in, the Breitbart advertiser boycott aimed at Kellogg’s is backfiring spectacularly. Rather than harm the brand’s bottom line for their choice not to advertise on the platform of choice for the so-called “Alt-right” (read: neo-Nazis, racists and misogynists), the boycott has actually alienated […]

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Advertiser Boycott Intensifies as Breitbart Attacks Kellogg’s

Breitbart launches an attack on Kelloggs for stopping advertising.

After losing Kellogg’s advertising revenue following a statement where the cereal giant argued the platform of choice for the “Alt-right” didn’t align with their corporate values, Breitbart declared “war” calling for a boycott of all Kellogg’s products. Faithfully, the Neo-Nazis, racists and misogynistic men’s rights activists that comprise the bulk Breitbart’s readership (at least, according to Steve Bannon who admittedly said […]

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