Talk About Cutting The Safety Net

Safety Net Budget Cuts

When you elect people who have very limited knowledge of government or the legal system, you get a lot of unanticipated and unfortunate consequences. Trump is hardly the only self-proclaimed “genius” who is actually clueless; in fact, voters need to recognize that the real villain of this surreal moment we’re experiencing isn’t Trump–who is arguably too far out of it […]

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A Poverty of Understanding

children in poverty thanks to the Great Recession civil rights

Pundits and scholars and public officials spend considerable time trying to determine the causes of poverty and advocating measures to alleviate it. In contrast, they spend very little time examining public perceptions of those causes, and less still inquiring into the demographics of those holding very different opinions about the causes (and thus the cures) for poverty. But a recent survey did just […]

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Education Achievement Gaps: Race & Socioeconomic Status

The Brookings Institution recently published a very interesting study about the persistence of an achievement gap between white and minority students in the nation’s classrooms. The research looked at multi-racial student performance–a population that was rarely studied before increasing rates of intermarriage produced enough children to allow for reliable conclusions. The study is explained more fully by the linked article, but here […]

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Me and Thee: Breaking Down Meritocracy Stereotypes


One of most persistent–and pernicious–beliefs about inequality is the conviction that people “deserve” financial success or failure. If you are poor, the logic goes, that probably reflects some poor choices you made along the way, or your unwillingness to work hard, or perhaps a lack of innate capacity. America’s approach to poverty owes a lot to the Fifteenth-century English poor […]

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Wealth Inequality & Urban Redevelopment: What Cities Can Do

While often separated in political discussion, economic and social inequality are intrinsically intertwined for minorities across the United States.

Yesterday, I attended a “lunch and learn” session of Indianapolis’ Department of Metropolitan Development. I was asked to address the impact of poverty on the City’s efforts at neighborhood revitalization. Regular readers will recognize much of what I said. One of the criticisms of academia is that we are “siloed”–focused so narrowly on our own research we fail to see […]

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Anti-Atheist San Antonio Mayor Loses Run-Off Election

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor (the politician who blamed atheism for generational poverty claiming people without religion are “broken”) lost her mayor seat in a run-off election against opponent City Council member Ron Nirenberg. In the weekend election, Nirenberg took 55% of the total vote besting Taylor by a full ten points. Local ABC affiliate KSAT 12 reported, “Following a Saturday runoff […]

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