Spin Cycle: The Sinclair Broadcast Group Takeover

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Tom Wheeler was Chair of the Federal Communications Commission from 2013 to 2017. In the wake of Sinclair Broadcasting’s application to acquire Tribune Media, he wrote a very troubling article for the Guardian.  It is a major decision, since the resulting broadcast behemoth would hold as many as 233 local television stations reaching into more than 70 percent of American homes. […]

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Two-Faced: Trump’s Unhinged Phoenix Rally

Trump in Phoenix

During his Phoenix campaign rally last night, Donald Trump went off script and spent an hour essentially destroying any credibility and peace his Monday night Afghanistan speech attempted to build. More importantly, the two speeches demonstrate something most people across America have already figured out over the course of the last few months. Trump has two distinct faces he shows […]

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It’s Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Combating Nazis and white supremacists: It's Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Following the Civil War, a smattering of statues memorializing the war and its traitorous lost cause appeared sporadically across the South funded mostly by those unwilling to admit defeat. By the early 1900’s though, the concept transformed as white supremacy took hold and the KKK began exerting political power across the nation. As a way of intimidating not only people […]

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Trump’s Flirtatious History With White Supremacists & Nazis

Trump and the Nazi / White Supremacy riot in Charlottesville VA

Donald Trump’s initial statements condemning the Nazi and white supremacist led actions in Charlottesville, Virginia should come as no surprise to those who followed his campaign closely last year. The lukewarm “many sides” rebuke – viewed as a victory among violent right-wing extremists – is only the latest in a long line of winks and nods to a community that […]

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Pravda: Will Trump Make Us the Next North Korea or Russia?

Trump state-run media

Last week Lara Trump (Eric Trump’s wife) made news by starring in a Trump campaign produced “real news” video posted to Donald Trump’s Facebook page. The video labeled mainstream media “fake news” while arguing to offer “real” news focusing exclusively on positive aspects of the current administration. That flirtation with state-run media may be escalating as a new video appeared on […]

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Fake News & The Trump Administration: How The Big Lie Works


Most of us have heard the famous quote by Hitler henchman Joseph Goebbles, who said  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The importance of repetition to this formula has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by three scholars at Yale–a psychologist, an economist and a professor of management. They […]

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About That Echo Chamber: Combatting Bots, Propaganda & Fake News

One of the thorniest problems bedeviling our unraveling democracy is the distortion of reality–intentional and unintentional– provided via the Internet. That distortion is immensely aided by our tendency to live in echo chambers populated by friends who think like we do. Most of us trust links from friends – a vulnerability exploited by phishing sites and other forms of online […]

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Anti-Atheist San Antonio Mayor Loses Run-Off Election

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor (the politician who blamed atheism for generational poverty claiming people without religion are “broken”) lost her mayor seat in a run-off election against opponent City Council member Ron Nirenberg. In the weekend election, Nirenberg took 55% of the total vote besting Taylor by a full ten points. Local ABC affiliate KSAT 12 reported, “Following a Saturday runoff […]

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Premature Celebration: Comey’s Trump Investigation Comments

Donald Trump and James Comey spar over the Russia investigation

While conservatives (including the White House) celebrated James Comey’s testimony as a vindication of the administration’s ongoing claim that Donald Trump is not personally the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation, today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing offered a much different and more vital piece of information being overlooked among conservative pundits. While Donald Trump may not have been personally the subject of any […]

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