Fake News & The Trump Administration: How The Big Lie Works


Most of us have heard the famous quote by Hitler henchman Joseph Goebbles, who said  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The importance of repetition to this formula has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by three scholars at Yale–a psychologist, an economist and a professor of management. They […]

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About That Echo Chamber: Combatting Bots, Propaganda & Fake News

One of the thorniest problems bedeviling our unraveling democracy is the distortion of reality–intentional and unintentional– provided via the Internet. That distortion is immensely aided by our tendency to live in echo chambers populated by friends who think like we do. Most of us trust links from friends – a vulnerability exploited by phishing sites and other forms of online […]

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Anti-Atheist San Antonio Mayor Loses Run-Off Election

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor (the politician who blamed atheism for generational poverty claiming people without religion are “broken”) lost her mayor seat in a run-off election against opponent City Council member Ron Nirenberg. In the weekend election, Nirenberg took 55% of the total vote besting Taylor by a full ten points. Local ABC affiliate KSAT 12 reported, “Following a Saturday runoff […]

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Premature Celebration: Comey’s Trump Investigation Comments

Donald Trump and James Comey spar over the Russia investigation

While conservatives (including the White House) celebrated James Comey’s testimony as a vindication of the administration’s ongoing claim that Donald Trump is not personally the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation, today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing offered a much different and more vital piece of information being overlooked among conservative pundits. While Donald Trump may not have been personally the subject of any […]

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Official Threatens Journalist Over Chechen LGBTQ Torture Questions

Russian Official Threatens Finnish Journalist Over Chechen LGBTQ Torture Questions

An official at the Russian Foreign Ministry subtly threatened a Finnish reporter for inquiring about the critical situation in Chechnya. The satellite country is accused not only of rounding up and torturing gay men, but operating World War II-style concentration camps for those men. Prior to the press conference, Russian LGBTQ activists and international human rights organizations have worked ardently to help LGBTQ people […]

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Sean Hannity & the Mainstreaming of the Seth Rich Conspiracy

Hannity continues to promote the Seth Rich conspiracy.

Following his murder, conservatives have pushed various forms of unfounded conspiracy theory narratives arguing Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich was the person who gave DNC emails dumps to WikiLeaks. Since the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory combats the prevailing story (confirmed by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies) that Russia hacked the DNC and worked through intermediaries to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election, conservatives […]

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Liar Liar: Trump’s G7 Environment Statements

Trump at the G7

There are lies, and then there are lies that make sentient humans do a double-take. Anyone who follows the news knows that Donald Trump lies routinely. What makes his constant prevarications different from the spin (and worse) engaged in by more stable political figures is how pathetically inartful they are (you really have to want to believe them, in which case it […]

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Trump Wants Flynn Back in the White House

Michael Flynn 's Russia Scandal: What Did Trump Know and When?

Following the blockbuster story that Donald Trump reportedly asked former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn (just before firing him no less), sources now report that Trump is not only still communicating with Flynn but wants to give him another position in the White House. The Daily Beast reported today: But Trump doesn’t just hope that Flynn will beat […]

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U.S. Denying Visas to Gay Men Fleeing Chechnya

U.S. Denying Visas to Gay Men Fleeing Chechnya

After the world learned last month that Chechnya had at least one (if not multiple) operating concentration camps targeting gay men, one of the first questions involved how world powers would react. Knowing the harm he’s already inflicted on the LGBTQ community just within his first 100 days, LGBTQ civil rights advocates did not expect Donald Trump to offer any solace or safety to those fleeing […]

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Tyranny in the Making: Trump’s Threats Against James Comey

Donald Trump threatened James Comey on Twitter with "tapes"

On Twitter this morning Donald Trump issued threats against former FBI Director James Comey warning him against speaking publicly about their private conversations. The Twitter rant stands out as a stark reminder that Trump liberally uses threats to silence what he views as opposition to his agenda or disloyalty to his cause. The primary tweet – sent three days after […]

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