“HIV Carriers”: Trump’s National HIV Testing Day Statement

Trump and the AIDS epidemic - National HIV Testing Day statement

In what may be his first statement this month relating to any LGBTQ-adjacent issue, Donald Trump issued a statement today as a part of National HIV Testing Day. That statement not only omitted LGBTQ people, but labeled HIV+ persons as “carriers” of the disease. The statement doesn’t come as a surprise since he’s on schedule to potentially bring back the AIDS […]

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Supreme Court To Hear Case About LGBTQ Non-Discrimination Laws

Masterpiece Cakeshop

Yesterday the Supreme Court announced it would hear the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. At the center of that case lies the question: does a private business have the right to discriminate against LGBTQ people? We’ve covered Masterpiece at each stage of its legal journey over the years as business owner Jack Phillips insisted his religious beliefs should […]

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Religious Liberty And the Marketplace

religious freedom

Most of us have heard the military admonition against “fighting the last war.” The point is obvious: generals and political actors need to evaluate and respond to the reality in which they live; getting stuck in the past–fighting the last war– is a formula for failure.That admonition also suggests one way of analyzing America’s current political situation. Much of our […]

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Trump: Making The AIDS Epidemic Great Again


Throughout his short time in office, Donald Trump has done everything in his power to harm efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. These concerns began the during the inauguration when the digital transition not only removed all existing non-partisan information on AIDS awareness from the White House website, but also failed to keep the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) page active. […]

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GA GOP Candidate Karen Handel Attacks LGBTQ Adoption Rights

Karen Handel

On the day before the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, the Republican party’s efforts to elect Karen Handel are taking on new life from using Obama’s voice out of context to attack Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff to using the shooting in Arlington to demonize all Democrats as violent and dangerous. Adding to that hyperbolic campaigning is a fundamental policy […]

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Illinois B&B Fined For LGBTQ Discrimination Loses Appeal

timbercreek bed and breakfast lawsuit

After refusing to accommodate a same-sex civil union ceremony in 2011, TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast in central Illinois lost a court battle waged by the state Human Rights Commission. The commission filed a complaint based on the business’ violation of state public accommodation law forbidding business owners from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. The initial court case came to a […]

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Chadwick Moore: LGBTQ People “Don’t Know What The Second Amendment Is”

Chadwick Moore mischaracterized the intent of the Gays Against Guns Pulse Memorial Rally at the Stonewall Inn

The former Out Magazine writer who once interviewed hate speech promulgator Milo Yiannopoulos for a controversial cover story just argued LGBTQ people “probably don’t know what the Second Amendment is.” The statement came as part of a discussion about the Pulse Orlando anniversary memorial held in New York City. At issue, LGBTQ-centric Gays Against Guns organized and held a memorial rally at […]

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50 Years of Loving: The End of Interracial Marriage Bans

Loving v Virginia

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a historic decision that would set foundational legal precedent for equality and the fundamental Constitutional right to get married. A year before she died in 2008, Mildred Loving – the namesake at the center of the landmark case Loving v. Virginia – made statements reaffirming the fight for equality and linking […]

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