Polluting The Judiciary

judicial appointments for federal courts

Assuming a sufficient turnout of Democrats, Independents and Republicans horrified by Trump, much of the daily damage being inflicted by this administration can be rectified. But some very real damage cannot be undone, and the evisceration of the role played by the federal courts in checking unconstitutional behavior by government is one of the most consequential. We’ll be stuck for […]

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Selective Amnesia: Mike Pence’s Anti-LGBTQ Record

Adam Rippon criticizes Mike Pence over his Anti-LGBTQ Record

Mike Pence targeted the first openly gay US Winter Olympics team this week denying his record of anti-LGBTQ activism while serving as governor of Indiana. Criticizing Vice President Mike Pence’s lengthy anti-LGBTQ record, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon refused to meet with the former Indiana governor. Thereafter, Pence fired off two tweets denying his anti-LGBTQ record (calling it “fake news” and “misinformed”). Commenting […]

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Missouri: Legislation Would Restrict Marriage to Churches

GOP Rep TJ Berry proposed HB 1424 to redefine marriage.

Newly proposed legislation in Missouri would restrict the institution of marriage to those who attend church by changing the legal definition of marriage. House Bill 1424, sponsored by State Representative T.J. Berry (R), would change all mentions of marriage in Missouri law to “domestic union,” effectively reserving the term ‘marriage’ for religious institutions. Background This is the third time Berry […]

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Mississippi: Public Classroom Ten Commandments Bill Introduced

Ten Commandments Monument Oklahoma

Legislation introduced in the Mississippi state House this week would require educators across the state to recite the Ten Commandments each day during the first hour of class. Introduced by Mississippi Rep. Credell Calhoun (D), House Bill 1100 would “require the teachers in that school district to have the Ten Commandments recited aloud at the beginning of the first hour of class […]

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Supreme Court Refuses Mississippi Anti-LGBTQ Religious Liberty Case

Mississippi HB1523

Marking another setback for LGBTQ civil rights following oral arguments in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the U.S. Supreme Court just declined to hear arguments in the cases challenging Mississippi’s controversial HB 1523 – also known as the anti-LGBTQ ‘license to discriminate’ law. Back Story As we reported last year, “[Mississippi HB 1523] enables legal discrimination against same-sex couples, transgender men and […]

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Shutting Down a Book: Trump’s War on the First Amendment

Trump raises First Amendment issues by threatening legal action against the publisher of Fire and Fury

After claiming long-time associate and former chief strategist Stephen Bannon had “lost his mind” upon learning how he was quoted in Michael Wolff’s upcoming book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Donald Trump turned his gaze to the book’s publisher in an attempt to use his position of authority to stop the publication of the book. ABC News […]

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Compelling Honesty: The Supreme Court Crisis Pregnancy Centers Case

crisis pregnancy centers

It’s interesting how many people indignantly wrap themselves in the Free Speech provisions of the First Amendment in order to justify behaviors that–properly understood–aren’t really speech at all. In all fairness, it can be difficult to distinguish between actions that are intended to communicate a message (protected) from actions that are committed through speech (not protected). If you describe that […]

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Creeping Authoritarianism: Trump’s Attack on Huma Abedin

Donald Trump and Huma Abedin

Signaling his intent to continue the ‘Lock Her Up’ anti-democratic mantra propagated at campaign rallies throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for the jailing of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin in remarks published to Twitter today. The comments relate to the FBI investigation of emails and the improper handling of classified information. In his remarks, Trump said: Crooked Hillary […]

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Oregon Bakery Sweet Cakes Loses $135,000 Fine Appeal

Sweet Cakes Appeal

After closing their business last year, the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa appealed a decision requiring them to pay a $135,000 fine for releasing the personal information of a lesbian couple who filed a discrimination complaint against them with the state of Oregon. Owners Melissa and Aaron Klein just lost their latest appeal before the Oregon Court of Appeals. Background […]

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