Tired of the Spin? Check Out These Brilliant ‘Translated’ Twitter Accounts

social media - Twitter

New Twitter accounts have been popping up lately, dedicated to translating tweets from Fox pundits, Donald Trump, and other liars in the Twitterverse.  Some of these re-imagined tweets are pretty funny, while others are, as Donald Trump would put it, sad! It’s not “fake news” that the tweets we see from people like Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and […]

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Obama Mocks Trump For Having His Twitter “Wrested Away”

Obama Mocks Trump For Having His Twitter "Wrested Away"

After news broke earlier today that Donald Trump’s campaign “wrested away” his Twitter account to prevent him from saying something that could cost him votes in the final hours before the election, President Obama mocked him at a rally today noting a President shouldn’t have to be coddled like an infant. According to the New York Times: On the surface, there is the […]

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Celebrities Parody ‘We Are the World’ in Hilarious Vote Song

In a new video produced by Funny OR Die, over two dozen celebrities sing a completely not safe for work song trying to get out the word to vote...and to vote intelligently
Image Credit: Funny OR Die

In a new video produced by Funny OR Die, over two dozen celebrities sing a completely not safe for work song trying to get out the word to vote…and to vote intelligently. The song goes along the lines of “We Are the World” (even giving the song a shout out) before moving on to the hilarious crux of the chorus: Holy SH*T […]

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SNL Buries Trump in Scathing Opening Sketch

SNL Trump Tape Sketch

In their cold open tonight, Saturday Night Live eviscerated the Trump campaign basing the entire sketch around his 2005 comments referring to sexually assaulting women by grabbing their genital area. The sketch opened with the VP debate which set up a joke about Mike Pence denying all of Trump’s horrible insults against basically everyone. “Donald Trump loves women. He respects women. He’s […]

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Randy Rainbow’s Take on the Debate: Braggadocious

Randy Rainbow braggadocious

Throughout the GOP primary Randy Rainbow offered losing candidates their very own send off songs tailored to the unique ways each was deplorably unfit for office. Now – as the nation exits the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – he’s back with a great take on the word on everyone’s lips: Braggadocious. Having used it during the debate […]

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CNN’s Brianna Keilar Hilariously Fact-Checks Trump Attorney

Brianna Keilar and Michael Cohen discuss polls where he asked Says Who and she replied, all of them

In an extremely uncomfortable segment on CNN yesterday CNN Senior Political Correspondent Brianna Keilar hilariously fact-checked attorney and Trump Organization Executive Vice President Michael Cohen on live television. As she pressed him about both the campaign’s leadership shake-up and the candidate’s drop in the polls, Cohen interrupted to ask, “says who?” It all went downhill from there. After Cohen carried […]

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Former Breitbart Editor: Bannon-Trump Team like a Sharknado

Speaking to Brianna Keilar, Ben Shapiro said the Brannon Trump alliance is a turd tornado - much like a Sharknado with poop.

Inserting one of B-Sci Fi’s most ubiquitous terms into the political lexicon, former Breitbart editor told CNN today that Stephen Brannon’s appointment to the Trump campaign is like a Sharknado. Initially calling it a “turd tornado,” Shapiro had to clarify exactly how bad the situation is by comparing it to the popular SyFy channel Sharknado movie series. The CNN interview […]

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Reporter Asks: “Which of Trump’s Policies Do You Like?”

ABC asks people about trump policies

In the video below reporter Hamish Macdonald from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation asked Trump supporters which of Donald Trump’s policies they like. Disheartening hilarity ensued: Did you expect anything more from his most ardent supporters? Peacock PanachePeacock Panache is a news analysis blog focused primarily on civil rights, LGBTQ activism, church/state & atheism issues, women’s rights, and politics. http://www.peacock-panache.com

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Jeb Bush Domain Now Forwards to Donald Trump Website

Trump buys Jeb Bush domain

In yet another in a series of hilarious political trolling incidents GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump seized on the fact that Jeb Bush let his website domain go in 2007. Since then every time Bush runs for any office JebBush.com becomes somewhat of a spectacle as different candidates and political action groups purchase it from third parties for everything from political […]

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