The Damaging Health Effects of Being Racially Discriminated Against


“Driving while black” is a real thing, and Sergeant First-Class Rossano V. Gerald knows all about it. Despite being a veteran of two campaigns overseas, Gerald, at the time 37-years-old, was repeatedly harassed by Highway Patrol while driving through the state of Oklahoma. Not only did the multiple traffic stops eat up over three hours of this man’s time, but […]

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Discomfort: Minnesota School District Censors Classic Literature

From a recent article in the Guardian, we learn that  A school district in Minnesota has pulled To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from its curriculum, arguing that the classic novels’ use of racial slurs risked students being “humiliated or marginalised”. The article noted that there had been no specific complaints raised from students (or, evidently, their parents) about the […]

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Shithole: Trump’s Racism is the Latest Version of U.S. Imperialism

Donald Trump's KKK racism problem

When he called Haiti, El Salvador and the entire continent of Africa “shithole countries,” Donald Trump didn’t just openly expose his racist beliefs, he contributed to the long history of American imperialism against countries with predominantly darker skinned populations. That tradition actually predates the nation’s founding as the Atlantic slave trade existed well before the United States, but that didn’t […]

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Nostalgia: The Way We Never Were

One of my favorite social science books is a 1993 “golden oldie”– The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap by Stephanie Coontz.  Coontz teaches history and family studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and is Director of Research and Public Education for the Council on Contemporary Families. The book was a methodical survey of the stories […]

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The Trump DOJ’s Disingenuous KKK Supreme Court Argument


During oral arguments earlier this week, Solicitor General Noel Francisco argued that Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips being compelled to serve LGBTQ couples against his religious beliefs is identical to an African-American sculptor being compelled to sculpt a cross for a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Francisco made this argument repeatedly throughout his statements without a hint of irony or regard for the […]

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Tribalism Versus Americanism

tribalism in the Trump era

We Americans are a cantankerous and argumentative lot. We hold vastly different political philosophies and policy preferences, and we increasingly inhabit alternate realities. Partisans routinely attack elected officials—especially Presidents—who don’t share their preferences or otherwise meet their expectations. Politics as usual. Unpleasant and often unfair, but—hysteria and hyperbole notwithstanding– usually not a threat to the future of the republic. Usually. […]

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(Un)Civil Religion: Christian Nationalism

GOP Dominionism Christianity

What is “Christian Nationalism” and how is it operating to support Donald Trump? Think Progress has an illuminating history,  and an effort to explain the continued devotion of many Evangelical Christian pastors to Trump and his Presidency. It is notable that, in response to Trump’s moral equivocations following Charlottesville, when business executives resigned en masse from the administration’s advisory panels, only one minister followed […]

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Former Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson: Slavery Is “Good” History

Former Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson: Slavery Is "Good" History

During a Fox discussion about the removal of Confederate monuments, former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson argued slavery is a “good” part of U.S. history. The answer – one Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earhardt offered multiple chances to clarify or recant – came as a response to another guest clarifying the intent behind the original construction of the embattled monuments. “Do you […]

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It’s Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Combating Nazis and white supremacists: It's Time To Remove All Confederate Statues

Following the Civil War, a smattering of statues memorializing the war and its traitorous lost cause appeared sporadically across the South funded mostly by those unwilling to admit defeat. By the early 1900’s though, the concept transformed as white supremacy took hold and the KKK began exerting political power across the nation. As a way of intimidating not only people […]

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