Vistaprint Sued For Sending Gay Couple Religious Literature

Vistaprint sued by Borg and Heasley over anti-gay religious materials sent instead of wedding programs

On the eve of their wedding, Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg received a package from Vistaprint with what was supposed to be wedding programs. Instead, they received anti-LGBTQ religious material warning them about temptation entitled, ““Understanding Temptation: Fight the good fight of the faith.” After receiving the wrong materials, the couple had to place another order – at their own […]

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Us Versus Them: Shithole Edition


When reports of Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” remark hit the media, various  outlets  reported “gasps of disbelief” by Congressional Republicans. Give me a break. Anyone who is genuinely surprised to discover that Trump is a racist is too stupid to tie his own shoes. David Leonhardt ticked off  the evidence in his column for the New York Times: • Trump’s real-estate company […]

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Trump Praises Conservative Group One Day After Racism Exposé

Donald Trump praised Turning Point USA a day after a racism exposé on the org

Following  blockbuster investigative article published by The New Yorker yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted praise and support this morning for Turning Point USA – a conservative recruitment group accused of racial bias and potential campaign finance law violations. In his tweet, Trump said: “The President has accomplished some absolutely historic things during this past year.” Thank you Charlie Kirk of Turning Points USA. Sadly, […]

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Voting One’s Interests

Rise of the Trump SWASP

Fareed Zakaria is a savvy observer of both domestic governance and international relations, and he makes a very good point in a recent Washington Post column. It has become a (tiresome) truism that many Americans “vote against their own interests.” This assertion has always annoyed me, because it embodies a couple of arrogant assumptions: first, that the speaker/writer knows better than those voters […]

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Post Moore: GOP Still Hasn’t Learned Its Lesson On Ethics

Following the upset in Alabama last night where Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore, many saw the election as both a repudiation of Trump era politics as well as a refusal to blindly vote for party over country (especially if that means supporting a man credibly accused of child molestation). In at least one case, that message appears to […]

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Jake Tapper Stuns Roy Moore Spokesman With Constitutional Fact

In a discussion with Roy Moore spokesman Ted Crockett today, CNN’s Jake Tapper left his guest literally speechless after informing him public servants aren’t required to use a Christian Bible to be sworn into office. The stunning moment happened as the two discussed Moore’s longstanding position that Muslims shouldn’t be able to serve in Congress. Backstory When Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) took office […]

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Trump Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations by Sexually Harassing a Senator

Gillibrand & Trump

Donald Trump sexually harassed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) after she highlighted his sexual harassment allegations and called for his resignation. The harassment came in the form of communication most preferred by the tweeter-in-chief. The Allegations & Calls To Resign Following the surge of women coming forward to confront the men who have sexually harassed them (thanks in large part to support […]

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Roy Moore Would Eliminate Virtually Everyone’s Rights

Alabama Senate Candidate and accused child molester Roy Moore

During an appearance on a far-right, conspiracy theory driven radio show in 2011, Alabama Senate candidate and accused child molester Roy Moore made the case for eliminating all of the Constitution’s amendments not included in the original Bill of Rights. He argued the elimination of every amendment following the Tenth Amendment would ‘eliminate many problems’ the nation has with governance. The […]

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