Tucker Carlson Laments How Hard It Is To Be White in America

Tucker Carlson and Chadwick Moore

In a segment doing nothing to dispel the argument he targets white nationalists as his core audience, Fox‘s Tucker Carlson agreed with a guest in a segment Wednesday that white people have it just as hard as black people and criticized outlets aimed at minority audiences for “attacking white people.” Speaking with former Out Magazine writer Chadwick Moore – the man who […]

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Credit For Consistency: The GOP’s Epistemic Breach

Apparently, GOP lawmakers don’t have grandchildren. It’s hard to say it more succinctly and accurately than a recent article in the Guardian: The parallels between the Republican Party positions on taxes and climate change are striking. Both are morally appalling and reject the available evidence and expert opinion. According to the article, 96% of economic experts who were asked about the GOP […]

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Some More Bigotry from the Folks Over at Fox News

Sebastian Gorka

Fox News. Conservative? Absolutely. Fair and balanced? Try corrupt and bigoted. Fox News has already supplied the state department with some of its staff, and now the right-wing media giant is taking on former Trump aide and Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka in a move that would have seemed suicidal for a reputed news company a few years ago. Gorka was […]

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Two Pastors God-splain Through the ‘Good Without God’ Debate

Fox News - Good Without God

Last week, Pew Research released survey results suggesting that 56% of Americans now feel that belief in God is not necessary to be a good or moral person. Obviously, this is something that secular people have been saying for years. In 2001, the same survey showed a 49% result for this question. What’s most interesting to me is that the increase is […]

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At Fox, Tomi Lahren Continues Attack on Protesting NFL Players

At Fox, Tomi Lahren Continues Attack on Protesting NFL Players

Tomi Lahren spent the better part of the last year attacking black athletes kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice. She’s not only targeted the group en masse, but has singled out players like Colin Kaepernick (who began the movement) using dog whistle (and sometimes outright racist) arguments. Now – using her new Fox News position […]

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Former Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson: Slavery Is “Good” History

Former Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson: Slavery Is "Good" History

During a Fox discussion about the removal of Confederate monuments, former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson argued slavery is a “good” part of U.S. history. The answer – one Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earhardt offered multiple chances to clarify or recant – came as a response to another guest clarifying the intent behind the original construction of the embattled monuments. “Do you […]

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Charlottesville: Fox News Compares Confederate Flag to Rainbow Flag

Star Parker

Fox News guest Star Parker argued today that those decrying symbols like the Confederate battle flag are hypocrites because they defend the LGBTQ rainbow flag. This denouncement happened while offering a defense to Donald Trump’s two-day waiting period before reluctantly denouncing the Nazis and white supremacists that rioted in Chalottesville, Virginia and murdered one person. “What do you think about […]

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Chadwick Moore: LGBTQ People “Don’t Know What The Second Amendment Is”

Chadwick Moore mischaracterized the intent of the Gays Against Guns Pulse Memorial Rally at the Stonewall Inn

The former Out Magazine writer who once interviewed hate speech promulgator Milo Yiannopoulos for a controversial cover story just argued LGBTQ people “probably don’t know what the Second Amendment is.” The statement came as part of a discussion about the Pulse Orlando anniversary memorial held in New York City. At issue, LGBTQ-centric Gays Against Guns organized and held a memorial rally at […]

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Sean Hannity & the Mainstreaming of the Seth Rich Conspiracy

Hannity continues to promote the Seth Rich conspiracy.

Following his murder, conservatives have pushed various forms of unfounded conspiracy theory narratives arguing Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich was the person who gave DNC emails dumps to WikiLeaks. Since the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory combats the prevailing story (confirmed by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies) that Russia hacked the DNC and worked through intermediaries to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election, conservatives […]

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Fox’s Todd Starnes Shows Ignorance in Police Car Decal Case

Todd Starnes

Why does Todd Starnes still have a platform? Oh right, because millions of deplorables still eat up his Christian persecution, anti-Muslim, anti-atheist, homophobic, transphobic, “everyone is bad but old fat Christian white guys” rhetoric. On Friday, he published a post on Fox News and his website called, “Sheriff Ordered to Remove ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers’ Decals.” The post covered the […]

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