Prayer Discontinued From Town Council Meetings-Overreacting Christians Don’t Understand the Constitution or Inclusion

By Kevin Davis [Originally published at Divided Under God on March 13, 2013] Longview, WA Town Council | Photo Source Recently in Longview, Washington, an atheist named Dan L. Smith threatened legal action against the local town council for their refusal to discontinue religious invocations at their meetings. This threat came after years of emailing the council members and their refusal to take […]

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Free Speech, Censorship & a Conservative’s Misunderstanding of the First Amendment

Sara Marie Brenner

 If you can be sure of one thing, it’s the fact that as many opinions exist on Constitutional freedoms as there are citizens in this country. It’s the reason we have three branches of government to keep checks and balances. It’s also the reason the highest authority on our most treasured document – the Constitution – isn’t chosen by a popular […]

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Arizona Bill Would Require Atheists to Lie or Submit to Religious “US Loyalty Oath” to Graduate High School

Arizona Republicans just introduced legislation that would require all graduating high school seniors to recite a “U.S. Loyalty Oath” in order to graduate. Similar to the oath public officials must make in order to take office, the oath says: I, _______, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign […]

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DOD Responds to LGBT Internet Ban Complaints

In a follow-up to this story I posted Sunday, it seems that the Department of Defense has officially addressed the grievances AmericaBlog’s John Aravosis raised. Aravosis originally blogged about how the DOD and Pentagon unevenly apply their internet filtering policies both geographically and politically. More specifically, they ban LGBT and liberal activism sites while allowing anti-gay sites and right wing […]

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DOD Blocks LGBT Sites While Allowing Other Political Sites

In a move certain to make national headlines in the next few weeks, LGBT news sites like Towleroad, AMERICAblog, Good as You, and Bilerico have been blocked by Department of Defense internet filters. The filter predates the overturning of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so it’s possible the filter is a remnant of legislation long past – but that doesn’t explain a few oddities (as pointed […]

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