Another Last Straw: Trump’s Obamacare Subsidy Fiasco

ACA Obamacare

Every morning since January 20th, Americans have awakened with foreboding: what new attack on reason and sanity has our tweeter-in-chief launched today? And what excuses for inexcusable behavior will spineless GOP Senators and Representatives offer this time? Optimists will predict that this (insert latest outrage) will be the final straw. Realists respond that, given the invertebrates in Congress and the ship  of fools […]

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Trump’s UK Terrorism Tweetstorm Will Backfire On Him

Donald Trump

After the terrorist events in the UK over the weekend, Donald Trump began one of his infamous tweet storms decrying political correctness and muddying the legal waters surrounding his ever-changing stance on banning Muslims from entering the country. Because his social media posts were previously cited in courts as official stances on his policy, these tweets may ultimately end all question […]

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Sally Yates Out-Lawyers & Shuts Down Ted Cruz

Sally Yates and Ted Cruz

While she bested at least three Republican Senators hell-bent on using their time to discuss anything other than Russia during the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing today, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates achieved what few others have: she shut down Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by out-lawyering him with her extensive knowledge and application of the law. Though the hearing was supposed […]

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Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty Was Thankfully Scaled Down

religious liberty executive order signing

Today, President Trump signed an executive order on “religious liberty” — a buzz-phrase that is code for “make everyone comply with my belief system.”  In it, Trump calls for less IRS enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches from politicking from the pulpit, not that they’ve been very successful in enforcing it anyway.  Since the law was enacted in 1954, […]

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Trump To Sign “Religious Liberty” Executive Order Thursday [UPDATED]

Trump anti-LGBTQ executive order

Donald Trump is expected to sign a ‘religious liberty’ executive order (EO) this Thursday as a part of the National Day of Prayer. The EO – originally leaked in February – was widely panned because of its broad language that would allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community. According to reporting at Politico, the language of the EO “hasn’t been dialed back much—if at all—since […]

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Separation of Powers: Trump’s Loose Grasp of Basic Civics

Donald Trump and civics - civic ignorance is dangerous

Following a U.S. District judge’s decision to block his controversial sanctuary cities executive order, Donald Trump (and many of his surrogates, supporters and right-wing media mouthpieces) lashed out questioning the very constitutional foundations that keep government power in check. His criticism is the latest in a long line of commentary aimed at delegitimizing the constitutional role of the Judiciary. Trump’s Reaction “First the Ninth Circuit rules […]

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Religious Liberty, Executive Orders & Laws of General Application

GOP Dominionism Christianity

Religious liberty seems so simple. Everyone should have the right to believe what they want and practice what they believe. Right? So…a few questions, as we await yet another Executive Order–this time, addressing Trump’s (or more probably, Pence’s) version of religious liberty. Should parents whose beliefs include what we Westerners call genital mutilation–what they call female circumcision–be allowed to perform […]

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Trump Guts LGBTQ Federal Contractor Protections

Trump anti-LGBTQ executive order

Despite promises otherwise, Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday effectively gutting Obama’s order extending anti-discrimination protections to LGBTQ federal contractors. Specifically, with the flick of a pen, Trump revoked the the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order (Executive Order 13673) that stated federal contractors must show proof they are complying with all federal laws and executive orders. That means the executive order explicitly protecting […]

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Fight Back: Trump’s Attack on the Environment

Much of the damage being done by the Trump Administration can be contained (thanks to the Administration’s rather awe-inspiring incompetence), or eventually repaired (when the GOP’s radical fever breaks). People will have been unnecessarily hurt in the meantime, true, but most of the harms can (and probably will) be addressed when (we can hope) cooler heads prevail. There are only […]

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Trump Anti-Immigrant VOICE Initiative Has Nazi Roots

Trump proposes VOICE - program with Nazi roots

During his first speech before a joint session of Congress last night, Donald Trump brought up an initiative that has overt ties to Nazi Germany. Called VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement), the initiative would publicize crimes committed by immigrants within the borders of the United States. Addressing those gathered, Trump rationalized his new police force explaining, “We are providing a voice to those who have […]

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