Supreme Court Poised to Deal Another Blow to LGBTQ Rights

Masterpiece Cakeshop at the Supreme Court

Following the 90 minute oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court today in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, observers almost unanimously voiced concerns that the high court appears ready to side against LGBTQ public accommodation protections in lieu of granting a ‘religious liberty’ exception to business owners. Such a ruling would have a devastating effect on state and local level anti-discrimination […]

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Two Cases, One Path: The Future of LGBTQ Rights at the Supreme Court

As the U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing arguments in the landmark Masterpiece Cakeshop case today, news of another case they let stand is making news. In the case of Turner v. Pidgeon – a case pitting LGBTQ spousal benefits against the state of Texas – the high court sided with Texas by refusing to hear arguments and letting the last decision […]

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Man Denied Marriage License May Challenge Kim Davis

David Ermold and Kim Davis

After learning that Kim Davis would seek reelection to her county clerk position, the man who began the legal saga that landed Davis in jail announced today he may challenge her in next year’s election for Rowan County Clerk. David Ermold and his husband David Moore were the couple who made the now-infamous video of Moore denying the couple a marriage license using […]

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This Is How The LGBTQ Civil Rights Movement Stalls For A Generation


Last week two important events happened: the Texas Supreme Court ruled that married LGBTQ couples do not enjoy a right to any of the benefits traditionally associated with the institution of marriage; and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy – contrary to rumors – did not announce his retirement. One of these two events is cause for concern while the […]

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TX Supreme Court: No Government Benefits To Married LGBTQ Couples


The Texas Supreme Court just ruled that married same-sex couples do not enjoy the right to the same government-related benefits married opposite-sex couples have access to. The decision comes mere days after the United States Supreme Court struck down an Arkansas law that treated same-sex couples differently in having both names on their children’s birth certificates. The Austin Statesman reported today: […]

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Chadwick Moore: LGBTQ People “Don’t Know What The Second Amendment Is”

Chadwick Moore mischaracterized the intent of the Gays Against Guns Pulse Memorial Rally at the Stonewall Inn

The former Out Magazine writer who once interviewed hate speech promulgator Milo Yiannopoulos for a controversial cover story just argued LGBTQ people “probably don’t know what the Second Amendment is.” The statement came as part of a discussion about the Pulse Orlando anniversary memorial held in New York City. At issue, LGBTQ-centric Gays Against Guns organized and held a memorial rally at […]

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50 Years of Loving: The End of Interracial Marriage Bans

Loving v Virginia

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a historic decision that would set foundational legal precedent for equality and the fundamental Constitutional right to get married. A year before she died in 2008, Mildred Loving – the namesake at the center of the landmark case Loving v. Virginia – made statements reaffirming the fight for equality and linking […]

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