Sabotaging Clean Energy

clean energy

Every day, we learn something new and horrible about the GOP tax bill. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, the bill is likely to derail the nation’s encouraging move to clean energy. Both the measure passed by the House and the more recent Senate version deal what the organization calls “devastating blows” to America’s booming clean energy industry—while (I know […]

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Credit For Consistency: The GOP’s Epistemic Breach

Apparently, GOP lawmakers don’t have grandchildren. It’s hard to say it more succinctly and accurately than a recent article in the Guardian: The parallels between the Republican Party positions on taxes and climate change are striking. Both are morally appalling and reject the available evidence and expert opinion. According to the article, 96% of economic experts who were asked about the GOP […]

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Trump Effect: Trashing The Country

national parks

I see that Scott Pruitt intends to roll back the Clean Power Plan put in place during the Obama administration.  Pruitt’s devotion to fossil fuel interests and his determination to eviscerate the agency he heads is, if anything, stronger than ever. To hell with clean air and water, or for that matter, the future of the planet. The Guardian recently looked at […]

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A Disquieting Possibility: Climate Change & Plants’ Nutritional Value

climate change and crops

Could climate change be making us fat? Politico has published an article from a series on the future of health that suggests the answer may be yes. The article began by describing a 1998 experiment in which scientists made algae grow faster in order to provide more food for zooplankton. They increased the algae by shining more light onto them, and gave the […]

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Lessons From Houston

I wonder if we will learn anything from the pictures of devastation coming from Houston. Leave aside the contentious arguments over climate change, and the degree to which it contributed to the severity of the storm. There were other omens even denialists should have been able to appreciate. Last year, for example, a ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigation found that officials charged with addressing Houston’s […]

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat – And Raise That Airport

climate change and sea level rise

I try to read pretty broadly–both to inform myself and to come up with fodder for this blog. But I’ll admit that my reading materials of choice ordinarily would be unlikely to include Engineering News Record, which bills itself as “The Construction Resource.” However, my husband, a retired architect, subscribes and reads it religiously, and I have to admit the publication […]

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Policy For Dummies: Trump’s Handout To Coal Executives

Policy For Dummies: Trump's Handout To Coal Executives

Permit me to channel–okay, parody– Elizabeth Barrett Browning. How do I ridicule thee? Let me count the ways. I sneer to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach… President Trump–in his obsessive effort to eradicate anything and everything that his predecessor did (he was black, you know)– has reversed Obama’s moratorium on new leases for coal mining […]

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Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Tackling Climate Change in the Trump Era

climtate change and public health

The dominance of climate-change deniers in the Trump cabinet, and Trump’s own dismissal of science and expertise–exemplified by his withdrawal from the Paris Accords–has rational people understandably depressed and worried. Fortunately, policy is not made or implemented exclusively at the federal level. Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that California Governor Jerry Brown had announced his own global summit. Gov. Jerry […]

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The Evil of Indifference: The Current State of Republican Politics

Mitch McConnell

Politics has been called war without the killing; a process in which people with very different notions of the common good, the best way forward–even how winners should be identified and rewarded and losers punished–clash without bloodshed. Throughout history, we’ve become accustomed to the passions that ideological combatants have brought to our political “wars.” These days, however, politics isn’t really […]

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