MO Rep: Distinction Between Homosexuality & “Being a Human”

Rick Brattin

During a Missouri House discussion on a bill that would make it more difficult for individuals to sue corporations for discrimination, Representative Rick Brattin (R-Harrisonville) explained he sees a distinction between “homosexuality” and “being a human being.” The comment came as a response to an amendment to Senate Bill 43 that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. While the failure of the amendment is newsworthy […]

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Wildly Unpopular GOP Rep Will Run for Governor of Idaho

Raúl Labrador

Following a nationally-viewed town hall moment where he proclaimed that people do not die from lack of access to health care, Congressman Raúl Labrador (R-ID) announced today he will step down from Congress after his current term to run for governor of Idaho next year. Labrador’s announced departure from Congress marks the sixth such announcement of GOP House members departing Congress. While serving in […]

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Sally Yates Out-Lawyers & Shuts Down Ted Cruz

Sally Yates and Ted Cruz

While she bested at least three Republican Senators hell-bent on using their time to discuss anything other than Russia during the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing today, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates achieved what few others have: she shut down Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by out-lawyering him with her extensive knowledge and application of the law. Though the hearing was supposed […]

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Army Secretary Nominee: Public Health Care Harms Religious Conversion [UPDATED]

Mark Green

Speaking to a church group in 2015, Trump Army Secretary Nominee Mark Green argued that government-subsidized health care prevents people from turning to religion for assistance. That, in turn, is “an injustice that’s even bigger than just the creation of an entitlement welfare state.” The Washington Examiner initially reported on the comments: Mark Green, a state senator in Tennessee, told a church […]

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Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty Was Thankfully Scaled Down

religious liberty executive order signing

Today, President Trump signed an executive order on “religious liberty” — a buzz-phrase that is code for “make everyone comply with my belief system.”  In it, Trump calls for less IRS enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches from politicking from the pulpit, not that they’ve been very successful in enforcing it anyway.  Since the law was enacted in 1954, […]

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Alabama Passes Adoption Bill Targeting LGBTQ Couples

Alabama Passes Adoption Bill Targeting LGBTQ Couples

Under the guise of ‘religious liberty’ the Alabama legislature just passed a bill to allow adoption agencies to use religious belief as a factor in determining what parents they will work with. House Bill 24 – also known as the Alabama Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act – effectively legalizes discrimination against LGBTQ couples for adoption agencies that do not receive state or […]

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KY: Damages Case Against Kim Davis Approved by 6th Circuit

Kim Davis

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just reversed a lower court ruling stating a gay couple discriminated against by Kim Davis – the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky – could not sue for damages. The 6th Circuit noted the judge “erred” in ruling damages claimed by David Ermold and David Moore were “moot” because marriage equality had become law and Davis […]

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Trump To Sign “Religious Liberty” Executive Order Thursday [UPDATED]

Trump anti-LGBTQ executive order

Donald Trump is expected to sign a ‘religious liberty’ executive order (EO) this Thursday as a part of the National Day of Prayer. The EO – originally leaked in February – was widely panned because of its broad language that would allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community. According to reporting at Politico, the language of the EO “hasn’t been dialed back much—if at all—since […]

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Sen. Mike Enzi Rationalizes Anti-LGBTQ Violence

Mike Enzi

Following a speech last week to students in Wyoming, Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) used an anecdote to rationalize violence committed against members of the LGBTQ community. The statement came as a response to a student-initiated question about how he would make Wyoming live up to its moniker as the “Equality State.” Enzi spent much of his time at the school berating […]

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San Antonio Mayor Calls Atheists “Broken” People

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

During a candidate forum earlier this month, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor explained to a crowd of people that poverty in her city was due in large part to people being “broken” because they had no “relationship with their Creator.” Following national outrage over her comments, Taylor doubled down on Facebook proclaiming her comments were edited. After posting the full 90 minute […]

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