SD: GOP Lawmaker Compares LGBTQ People to Pedophiles

SD: GOP Lawmaker Phil Jensen Compares LGBTQ People to Pedophiles

In a weekend town hall addressing discriminatory legislation, a conservative South Dakota lawmaker compared the LGBTQ community to pedophiles. Senate Bill 149 – a so-called religious freedom bill that would allow adoption agencies and child placement services to use religious belief to discriminate against potential parents – stoked tensions at the meeting as people attempted to argue against its provisions. At one point, state […]

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WA Supreme Court Rules Against Florist Barronelle Stutzman

Barronelle Stutzman

After discriminating against a gay couple and having a public accommodation discrimination complaint successfully levied against her, Arlene’s Flowers owner Barronelle Stutzman fought tooth and nail to retain her right to use religious belief to overrule public accommodation law. She took that fight all the way to the Washington state Supreme Court last year. Today that court ruled unanimously against Stutzman finding she […]

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Kentucky: Transgender Bathroom Bills Dead in the Water

Kentucky Democrat Rick Nelson proposed HB105 and HB 106 - Religious Freedom & Bathroom Bills

Two Kentucky legislature bills targeting the transgender community are dead in the water according to House Speaker Jeff Hoover (R). While HB 106 more broadly focused on bathroom use across the state (similar to the structuring of North Carolina HB2), HB 141 explicitly targeted public school restrooms. According to Republican leadership, neither bill will receive a vote during this session. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported: Two […]

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Canadian Muslim Denied Entry After Religion-Based Interrogation

Fadwa Alaoui denied entry for being a Muslim

Fadwa Alaoui (a Moroccan-born Canadian citizen) and her cousin were denied entry into the United States at the Canadian border over the weekend after border patrol agents interrogated them about their religious beliefs. Though she is Muslim, Alaoui does not come from, nor has she recently traveled to any of the seven countries outlined in Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Canada’s CBC reported on the […]

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Toledo Bans Conversion Therapy & Protects Gender Identity

LGBTQ rights in Toledo Ohio - gay and transgender rights

Yesterday the Toledo, Ohio City Council unanimously approved a measure banning anti-gay conversion therapy while adding gender identity to their city’s anti-discrimination protection classes. While many in the religious conservative community opposed it arguing its mental health counseling requirements would affect them (they won’t), those actually credentialed to provide such care lauded the vote. The Toledo Blade reported: Conversion therapy, which is designed to change a […]

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Draft of “Sweeping” Anti-LGBTQ Executive Order Leaked

Trump anti-LGBTQ executive order

After news leaked earlier this week the Trump administration was assembling an anti-LGBTQ executive order to bridge the gap until the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) was passed, the Trump administration denied they were targeting the LGBTQ community and went so far as to announce they would retain President Obama’s executive order protecting LGBTQ federal workers. Tonight a draft of […]

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Betrayal: NC GOP Will Not Repeal HB2


Despite promises to repeal the wildly unpopular anti-LGBTQ HB2, North Carolina Republicans declared they do not have enough support to amend, let along repeal the transphobic law and have abandoned any attempt at holding up their end of a bargain with state and local Democrats. The broken promise comes on the heels of the Charlotte legislature overturning their transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections last […]

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Rise of the SWASP: Suffering in Trump’s ‘Great’ America

Rise of the Trump SWASP

A friend recently sent me the following “joke:” The Republican Congress is preparing to pass a resolution adding an “S” to WASP.  The S will stand for STRAIGHT, and “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant will henceforth be “Straight White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.” The Democrats in Congress will respond by creating  a new acronym of their own. MAGPIE will stand for “Minority Americans, Gays, […]

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Wyoming: Anti-Gay “License to Discriminate” Bill is Back

Wyoming GOP Rep Cheri Steinmetz just proposed legislation targeting LGBTQ people for discrimination

After failing to pass last year, Republicans in Wyoming just reintroduced a religion-based ‘license to discriminate’ bill targeting LGBTQ people. Though this year’s anti-LGBTQ bill from the Wyoming GOP is sponsored again by State Rep. Nathan Winters (R), its chief sponsor is Rep. Cheri Steinmetz. Winters and Steinmetz are joined by several other congressional officials from both chambers. HB 135 – also known […]

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Oklahoma GOP Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Oklahoma GOP Sen Joseph Silk Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Attempting to set the standard two years in a row for the most extreme and anti-gay pieces of legislation nationally, the Oklahoma legislature will consider a RFRA-style bill this session targeting LGBTQ people that also has the effect of broadly discriminating against the general  population. SB 197 – also known as the “Oklahoma Right of Conscience Act” – would allow businesses to […]

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