Walking in Their Shoes: The Dakota Access Pipeline

The Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock protesting the The Dakota Access Pipeline #NODAPL

Martin Marty is an eminent religious scholar at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. He also issues a weekly newsletter, called Sightings because it “sights” public reports with religious or spiritual dimensions. His most recent reflection was thought-provoking, to say the least: What if the Sioux Nation decided to build a pipeline through Arlington Cemetery? This question from Faith Spotted […]

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‘By Any Means Necessary’: The Indiana Anti-Protester Bill

Indiana Senator Jim Tomes proposed SB 285 to break up protests by any means necessary

A bill introduce to the Indiana legislature seeks to curb citizens’ First Amendment right to assemble in peaceful protest. SB 285 – introduced by state Sen. Jim Tomes (R) – “[r]equires a responsible public official to, not later than 15 minutes after the responsible public official learns of a mass traffic obstruction, dispatch all available law enforcement personnel with instructions to clear the roads of […]

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Will Trump’s Presidency See a Boom or Bust for the Oil Industry?


Donald Trump’s presidency will probably be a complete reversal of what the oil industry experienced under President Obama. Though Trump’s vision for the future of energy is a little unclear and lacking details, he has made his opinions about fossil fuels, clean energy and environmental concerns known, which will all play into any decision about energy and oil. And his […]

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