Trump Effect: It’s Going To Get Uglier

Donald Trump

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the Phoenix Theatre’s presentation of Sweat, a prize-winning play based upon an episode of union-busting and outsourcing that took place some years ago in Reading, Pennsylvania. As with all Phoenix productions, the acting was superb, and the set evocative. But it was the play’s message that really resonated. As workers in the local factories […]

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Hate Crimes Escalating in the Trump Era: Disheartening But True

Islam, Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslims

We’re getting used to seeing headlines like this recent one in the Washington Post: “Hate in America is On the Rise.” According to the lede, A NEW FBI report on hate crimes tells a sobering story. For the second year in a row, police departments across the country reported a rise in the number of crimes motivated by bias. A statistical breakdown suggests that nearly […]

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Some More Bigotry from the Folks Over at Fox News

Sebastian Gorka

Fox News. Conservative? Absolutely. Fair and balanced? Try corrupt and bigoted. Fox News has already supplied the state department with some of its staff, and now the right-wing media giant is taking on former Trump aide and Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka in a move that would have seemed suicidal for a reputed news company a few years ago. Gorka was […]

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Blood Libel Redux: Demonizing Minorities is Easier Than Ever

Kris Kobach

The term “blood libel” was coined to describe a centuries-old false allegation that Jews murder Christian children to use their blood in the baking of Passover matzo (unleavened bread). Blood libels were invented and used to inflame hatred of Jews, and often led to mob violence and pogroms, many of which decimated entire Jewish communities. Blood libels are a tactic […]

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Trump, Roy Moore And The “Grand Old Party”

Donald Trump and Roy Moore

Yesterday’s post dealt with Roy Moore’s decisive, ten-point victory over Luther Strange in this week’s Alabama GOP primary. Moore won although Strange had the (mostly) full-throated support of Donald Trump. Moore’s win suggests that– although Trump’s election may have “unleashed” the party’s rabid base– “the Donald” cannot control it. The GOP’s Congressional leadership is similarly unable to control the members […]

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While Our Neros Fiddle: Trump’s Raw Racism

Trump in Phoenix

In his Phoenix rally, Donald Trump doubled down on his appeal to racism–both through a self-serving (and inaccurate) defense of his remarks after Charlottesville and in a coy reference to a potential pardon for notorious Arizona racist Joe Arpaio. It was red meat for his supporters. The question is: who are those supporters? I have previously expressed my belief that […]

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Trump and White Christian Nationalism

Charlottesville Nazis and white supremacists

The past few days, in addition to the spectacle of two immature, ignorant and nuclear- armed heads of state throwing verbal poo at each other, the media has been filled with images of torch-wielding white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia. A “Unite The Right” rally organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer descended into chaos and violence Saturday in Charlottesville, as thousands of “alt […]

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Trump Supporters: Telling It Like It Is

Trump supporters use Heil Hitler pose

In the wake of the election, those of us who opposed Donald Trump are being told to “get over it.” News organizations are doing puff pieces that “normalize” a decidedly abnormal President-elect. Uncharitable descriptions of Trump voters are met with the sort of admonitions that liberals typically (and appropriately) offer when unpleasant characteristics are ascribed to an entire group of […]

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Facing Up to Reality: Overcoming American Authoritarianism

authoritarian rule under Donald Trump

When something absolutely unforeseen challenges your worldview, it is probably prudent to take a step back and re-examine your assumptions. After the shock of a Presidential election that successfully appealed to festering bigotries and primal hatreds that I naively thought had declined, and after a period of disbelief (and nausea), I made myself take that “step back.” You may or […]

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