Kentucky Passes 20 Week Abortion Ban

abortion - keep abortions safe and legal

Wasting no time in the new Republican-controlled session, the Kentucky legislature just passed a 20 week abortion ban today. The bill will now go to Governor Matt Bevin (who is expected to sign the bill into law immediately). Republicans proposed the legislation – SB5 – at the beginning of the legislative session earlier this week. If Bevin signs it into law, it will […]

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You’ve Been Warned: Mike Pence’s Version of ‘Truth’

Mike Pence

Pence claims he values truth, yet he leaves out quite a bit. I liken it to this example from my own life. A few years ago a friend’s son was away at college. Sadly the son’s beloved dog, Tippy, died. His father called him at college and said “Tippy didn’t wake up this morning.”THIS WAS A TRUE STATEMENT. When the […]

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Welcome to the Resistance


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak to a “Women’s Rally for Change,” along with the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood and the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. The purpose was to discuss how to resist the coming assault on women and minorities, and to answer the increasingly common–and increasingly urgent– question: what can I do? What […]

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Actions Speak Louder: Trump’s Terrifying Appointments

trump administration

While a large chunk of national reporters have already begun giving President Elect Trump the benefit of the doubt as he verbally flip-flops on a significant portion of the most extreme campaign promises made over the last year, it’s important to understand only one thing about our next president: he lies when it’s politically or financially expedient. He lied throughout the […]

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The Reality of “Repealing” Roe v. Wade

Abortion - Roe v. Wade

On 60 Minutes, Donald Trump evidently claimed that “repealing” Roe v. Wade would be a priority. Among the many, many things our next President does not understand is how government actually works. He may be surprised to discover that Congress–even one dominated by GOP culture warriors–cannot “repeal” a Constitutional right. That is not to say that Roe is safe, only that it […]

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Trump: Gay Marriage Settled Law but Abortion Isn’t

Donald Trump discusses gay marriage and abortion on 60 Minutes

Last night on 60 Minutes President Elect Donald Trump argued that because the Supreme Court has offered a decision on LGBTQ marriage equality it is settled law. In the same breath, however, he argued he would appoint one or more justices to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade to make abortion a state level issue once again. During […]

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Will Women Ever Break the Glass Ceiling on Corporate Boards?

women and the glass ceiling

If movies from the eighties and nineties were to be believed, women in corporate roles were either useless idea-stealers — like Sigourney Weaver’s character in Working Girl (1988) — or sex-crazed women intent on stealing corporate power from men, like Demi Moore in Disclosure (1994). Both films — though different genres and different perspectives of women — reveal a kind […]

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How Self-Driving Cars Could Pave the Way for Saudi Women’s Autonomy

self driving cars

In many respects, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leans ahead of the curve. Though not known for being socially progressive, the country is making headlines for its boom in technology. With 8 million Facebook users and one of the fastest expanding Twitter markets in the world, Saudis are very well-connected. They have the money to incorporate and capitalize on tech, […]

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It Isn’t Just the Groping: Trump & Gender Equality

gender pay gap on wages

Women voters need to reject Donald Trump decisively. Not simply because he is a pig who evaluates us solely on the basis of our looks (or because, as an Australian parliament’s motion put it, he is “a revolting slug”). Not simply because he clearly feels entitled to grope those of us he considers to be “tens.” And not even because […]

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Abortion, Nasty Women & Trump’s Defeat at the 3rd Debate

After attacking abortion Trump called Clinton 'such a nasty woman' - a demeaning attack on all women

Last night GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt how catastrophic his administration would be to women by not only calling Hillary a “nasty woman” but also in his misogynistic and medically inaccurate attacks on a woman’s right to choose. As the debate meandered into the question of the Supreme Court last night Clinton and […]

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