On Sexual Misconduct and Due Process in the Secular Community

Lawrence Krauss

It’s been over two weeks since the allegations against Lawrence Krauss became public in a Buzzfeed article that has made its rounds in the secular community, spurring a myriad of reactions by his friends, colleagues, fans, and students. I’ve seen dozens of posts about Krauss and similar cases pop up in my Facebook and Twitter feeds, with varying opinions on whether or […]

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Why We Blame The Victim

The Guardian recently ran a fascinating column explaining the evolutionary purpose of that all-too-human tendency to blame the victim. Rape and sexual assault survivors are asked about what they wore and how they fought back. Poor people who work three jobs and still can’t support a family are blamed for “laziness” and failure, despite facing an economy that is stacked against […]

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Straw Man: This Is Why We Can’t Have Rational Debates

straw man

Of all of our arguments about politics and policy, efforts to level the playing field for women and minorities seem to evoke the most heat and the least light. A reader recently shared with me a lengthy, rambling letter to the editor  that appeared in a publication called the Carmel Current. (Carmel, for non-Hoosiers–is a bedroom community north of Indianapolis). The female […]

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War on Women: Slowly Evolving Cultural Attitudes

war on women

Social change almost always happens slowly and unevenly, and while it is occurring, people who were socialized into older worldviews must co-exist (uneasily) with those who have adopted the emerging paradigms. I am old enough to have seen enormous changes in the way women participate in American society. With the exception of a brief period after high school and before […]

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Double Standard: Trump’s Racism & Misogyny

Over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Ed Brayton muses about the stark differences between Donald Trump’s response to accusations of wrongdoing against those he likes–rich or powerful white male cronies–and his attitude toward minorities who have actually been vindicated by the evidence. As Brayton points out, when Trump finally commented about Rob Porter, a close aide who was forced to resign […]

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Monetizing Motherhood

cryopreservation - egg freezing - has boomed over the last decade

As long as we’re on the subject of women… Some countries have social policies that make it less stressful to combine motherhood and career. Not the good old US of A. In the absence of benefits like widespread maternity leave and accessible and affordable day care, American women who want to combine careers and motherhood are making “interesting” choices. About two […]

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About Those Dire Predictions

2018 Women's March

Saturday was the second annual Women’s March. The first one was followed by an eventful year for women–from #metoo to vastly increased civic activism to record numbers of women running for political office. Those activities haven’t been universally applauded, but that’s nothing new. Every time we women assert ourselves, we are met with the usual warnings: children will be neglected […]

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New “Religious Freedom” HHS Division Puts Women’s & LGBTQ Health at Risk

The Trump administration announced the creation of a new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) division devoted to "conscience and religious freedom" (CRFD for short).

The Trump administration announced the creation of a new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) division devoted to “conscience and religious freedom” (CRFD for short). Building on a steady pattern over the past year in placing the concept of religious liberty over other aspects of rule of law, the new division will be “responsible for OCR’s national conscience […]

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