Oklahoma GOP Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Oklahoma GOP Sen Joseph Silk Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Attempting to set the standard two years in a row for the most extreme and anti-gay pieces of legislation nationally, the Oklahoma legislature will consider a RFRA-style bill this session targeting LGBTQ people that also has the effect of broadly discriminating against the general  population. SB 197 – also known as the “Oklahoma Right of Conscience Act” – would allow businesses to […]

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The Trump Administration: Why Ignorance is So Dangerous

Donald Trump

There is evidently a widespread belief that–while your dentist should know what amalgam to use in filling a cavity, and your car mechanic should have at least a passing familiarity with automobile parts–anyone who can fog a mirror can run a government agency, or the country. Surprise! Public officials actually need to know stuff. Understanding complex global interrelationships, for example, […]

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Birds of a Feather: The Michael Flynn Threat

Michael Flynn and Pizzagate

Birds of a feather…unfortunately, they’re cuckoo birds. New York Magazine has a story titled: “The Scariest Thing About Trump: Michael Flynn’s Team of Nutters.” After reading it, I understand their characterization, although I find it very difficult to single out any one of Trump’s demented choices and activities as “scariest.” (I’ve been in a perpetually  terrified state since November 8.) […]

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No, Protesters Aren’t Being Paid to Protest at Inauguration

The Demand Protest scam - No, Protesters Aren't Being Paid to Protest at Inauguration

Right wing media and blogs have been aflutter this week claiming a group named “Demand Protest” is organizing and paying people to protest at Donald Trump’s inauguration. While an even cursory investigation of the ‘organization’ behind the scheme should raise several red flags, one media personality exposed the operation as a sham – and it’s the last person you’d expect: Fox […]

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Indivisible: How You Can Speak Out Against Trump


If the past year has shown the nation anything, it’s that traditional methods of campaigning and activism simply don’t work anymore. The advent of social media and money as speech have both influenced politics to the point that petitions and phone calls to representatives – as important as they both are – just aren’t enough to effect and sustain change. […]

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Parade of Horribles: Tom Price & the Future of HHS

Tom Price

Res Ipsa Loquitur is a legal term meaning “the thing speaks for itself.” Donald Trump’s personnel selections aren’t just speaking–they’re screaming. Trump has chosen people for cabinet positions who are unalterably opposed to the mission of the agencies they would lead. It is difficult–okay, impossible–to imagine a more terrifying–or less competent– group of cabinet nominees. Betsy DeVos wants to destroy public education, so […]

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SNL Gave the Nation a Blueprint to Opposing Trump

SNL offers a blue print on how to resist Donald Trump

Over the last few months few things have consistently sparked Trump outrage and late night tweet storms like Saturday Night Live (SNL). Whether covering his abysmal debate performances or most recently his “Russian pee-pee party,” the longstanding sketch comedy show found new life this past year while offering Americans a blueprint to a sure fire method to oppose Donald Trump. Most recently, Trump went […]

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A Ferengi Approach to Public Safety

A Ferengi Approach to Public Safety

Elizabeth Kolbert is a measured, thoughtful observer of government who writes for the New Yorker. So when she characterizes a bill as a measure to “undermine public safety,” I listen. A handy rule of thumb in Washington is that the more pernicious the act, the more high-minded the title. Thus, last week, the House of Representatives approved the Regulations from the Executive […]

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Arizona Bill Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

Arizona Bill by Bob Thorpe Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

A bill proposed by state lawmaker Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) would outlaw all discussion of social justice topics on all campuses across Arizona. The legislation – HB2120 – specifically targets the concept of privilege while broadly banning classes, events and activities from engaging in productive discussions about race, ethnicity and other factors driving economic and political disparities. According to the bill: 15-112.  Prohibited courses, classes, events and activities; […]

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