Tomi Lahren’s “Evolution” on Abortion Sparks Suspension

Tomi Lahren on The View

After she espoused pro-choice beliefs on The View last week, The Blaze commentator and professionally aggrieved white person Tomi Lahren found herself at odds with her conservative co-workers. Though Glenn Beck argued he would never suppress an employee’s opinions on abortion even if they contradict his own, Lahren’s portrayal of pro-choice conservatives as hypocrites took it a step too far. The remarks that sparked fury across […]

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Far-Right Media Part of FBI Russia Investigation

Breitbart & Infowars - far-right media

As a part of their investigation into the potential links between America and Russia in Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential elections, the FBI is reportedly also looking at far-right media’s role in assisting Russian bots and trolls in disseminating propaganda promoted and often produced by Russian sources. Two prominent conservative outlets – Breitbart and Infowars – are named as possible co-conspirators. At the heart […]

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Maddow, Trump’s Taxes & Investigative Journalism

Rachel Maddow, Trump's 2005 tax returns and investigative reporting

Following Rachel Maddow’s well-watched ‘tax return’ reveal show earlier this week, many on both sides of the aisle have criticized the narrative-based MSNBC journalist for “over-hyping” a non-story. Those who’ve tuned into Maddow’s investigative reporting over the last several weeks tend to disagree. Here’s why. Much like Watergate, the investigation into Trump’s various conflicts of interest, ties with Russia, and other potentially impeachable offenses […]

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Trump Anti-Immigrant VOICE Initiative Has Nazi Roots

Trump proposes VOICE - program with Nazi roots

During his first speech before a joint session of Congress last night, Donald Trump brought up an initiative that has overt ties to Nazi Germany. Called VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement), the initiative would publicize crimes committed by immigrants within the borders of the United States. Addressing those gathered, Trump rationalized his new police force explaining, “We are providing a voice to those who have […]

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Bush Speaks Out Against Muslim Ban; Defends Free Press

Speaking with Matt Lauer, George W. Bush criticized Trump and promoted free press.

On NBC’s Today yesterday, former President George W. Bush spoke out against Donald Trump’s continued attacks on free press and emphasized the need for an independent press. The unexpected and strong rebuke of the Trump administration came as part of a book tour interview promoting his newly published Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors. Matt Lauer brought the issue of […]

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Trump: Scapegoating and Grandstanding

Donald Trump

The question that has continued to mystify me is how any voter could look at Donald Trump and see anything but a pathetic and embarrassing wanna-be entirely unqualified for office. So I was struck by this recent paragraph from Talking Points Memo. People continue to marvel how a city-bred, godless libertine who was born to great wealth could become and remain […]

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Trump Attacks Press at CPAC; Bans MSM Outlets at WH Briefing

Trump Attacks Press at CPAC; Spicer Bans MSM Outlets at White House Briefing

Following another attack on free press during his CPAC 2017 speech today, Donald Trump and his administration banned several mainstream media outlets from an off-camera question and answer session held by Press Secretary Sean Spicer this afternoon. Among the outlets banned are CNN, the New York Times, The Hill, Politico, BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail, BBC, the Los Angeles Times and the New […]

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Trump is Okay With Putin Being a Killer

Trump and Putin / Russia Russian

In an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Sunday, Donald Trump refused to decry Russia even when asked about Vladimir Putin’s penchant for using his government to murder political dissenters and journalists. The support of the Russian regime comes as one of Putin’s long time targets lies in a coma after being poisoned for a second time for speaking out against the […]

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White House Grants Press Credentials to Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos

The White House credentialed Milo Yiannopoulos (the transphobic, misogynistic editor of Breitbart – hub of the white nationalistic so-called ‘Alt-right’ movement) for today’s press briefing according to multiple reports. Though he successfully obtained the credentials, he did not attend the Friday briefing. NY Daily News reported: Milo Yiannopoulos, a writer for the far right Breitbart News website, claimed he would attend a White House […]

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