Trojan Horse: Indiana SB 309 Aims to Harm Solar Energy

green energy - solar energy through solar panels

A recent article from The Republic, the Columbus, Indiana newspaper, sums up Indiana Senate Bill 309 admirably, in the very first paragraph. Indiana Senate Bill 309, introduced by Sen. Brandt Herschman, proposes to fundamentally change Indiana’s solar energy policy. The proposed modifications to the state’s net energy metering program are based on a lack of evidence and faulty logic, and would severely […]

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Walking in Their Shoes: The Dakota Access Pipeline

The Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock protesting the The Dakota Access Pipeline #NODAPL

Martin Marty is an eminent religious scholar at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. He also issues a weekly newsletter, called Sightings because it “sights” public reports with religious or spiritual dimensions. His most recent reflection was thought-provoking, to say the least: What if the Sioux Nation decided to build a pipeline through Arlington Cemetery? This question from Faith Spotted […]

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“Alternative” Realities: Making Evidence & Facts Great Again

Making Evidence & Facts Great Again

Bizarre as he is, Donald Trump does embody the GOP’s longstanding effort to substitute fantasy for evidence, and to act on the basis of the former.   Forbes Magazine recently reported that Republican lawmakers have buried a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, because the findings debunked their preferred  (fanciful) economic worldview. The research study found absolutely no correlation between […]

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Battling Trump Lies: Denial Isn’t a River in Egypt

In attacking and blacklisting CNN, Donald Trump launched an assault on free press

I recently read a sobering report on climate change; apparently, the pace of the predicted rise in sea levels is accelerating. The effects will not be uniform–some areas will see a more rapid rise than others. As the introductory paragraphs noted, polar ice is melting and the seas are rising faster than at any time in at least 2,800 years. The sea […]

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Carrots and Sticks: the Republican Climate Change Proposal

climate change

On Friday, a climate-change denier was confirmed to head the EPA. This comes as Trump and the Republicans gut environmental regulations, including those preventing coal companies from dumping toxic waste into our rivers and streams. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal. In the midst of the crazy that is the Trump Administration–in the face of Congressional Republicans’ stubborn denial of science and […]

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Your Congress at Work: Gutting Financial Reform & Environmental Protections

Donald Trump

The Congressional GOP is running the show in Washington, and clearly feeling its oats.  They aren’t even embarrassed about moving quickly to pollute the environment and remove rules intended to protect Americans from a variety of threats, physical and financial. As Vox reports, With everything that Republicans want to do — repeal Obamacare, overhaul the tax code — it might […]

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Indiana: GOP Targets Consumer Solar & Wind Energy Market

green energy - solar energy through solar panels

I know it’s hard to take our eyes off the mounting disasters in D.C., but let’s take a moment to talk about Indiana. Specifically, let’s talk about Senate Bill 309, sponsored by Senator Brandt Hershman. (It’s always wise to look carefully–and skeptically– at anything Hershman sponsors.) Senate Bill 309 is about “distributed energy generation.” (If your eyes already glazed over, […]

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GOP v. EPA: The Inmates Running Indiana’s Asylum

Indiana HB1127 targets the EPA for illegal legal rebellion

As I was busy avoiding last Friday’s Inauguration, a reader sent me the digest of an bill introduced in the Indiana legislature, demonstrating that insanity isn’t confined to Washington, D.C. The official synopsis of House Bill 1127 reads as follows: Nullification of EPA regulations in Indiana. Nullifies all regulations imposed in Indiana by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). […]

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So You Want Your Country Back?

Trump rallies - Take Our Country Back

On Saturday I attended Indianapolis’ March on Washington–one of the “sister” marches held all over the world. As anyone who listens to the news or has seen the photographs already knows, turnout was massive everywhere. At the Statehouse in deep-red Indiana, the crowd was huge; I’m told it was easily the largest demonstration in Indiana in the past twenty years. There […]

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Trump’s Digital Transition Should Concern Everyone

During the inauguration the digital transition also occurred

As mainstream media kissed Donald Trump’s ring during the transition of power at the Inauguration today, something curious happened: the digital transition from Obama to Trump’s White House occurred and offered everyone a glimpse of what the next four years will look like. And that glimpse should concern everyone. The most notable change is the Twitter transition as that’s what Trump is known for. […]

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