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Florida: Bill Filed to Insert Religion into Public Schools

Religion in public schools may bcome law thanks to Kim Daniels and Dennis Baxley

Legislation filed by state lawmakers would allow the insertion of religious beliefs into public classrooms across the state of Florida.  House Bill 303 and it’s companion bill Senate Bill 436 – known collectively as the “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act” – would prohibit Florida public school districts “from discriminating against students, parents, & school personnel on basis of religious viewpoints or expression.” As […]

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Will Incompetence Save Us? Trump’s Terrifying Cabinet

Betsy DeVos will be the next Education Secretary in Trump's cabinet

This Dana Milbank column on Betsy DeVos is nothing short of wonderful. For one thing, it is really funny, and laughs are hard to come by these days. Beyond the humor, however,  Milbank also offers a ray of hope in the wake of yesterday’s (bare) confirmation of DeVos as Secretary of Education. He begins: Rarely is the question asked: Is our […]

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DeVos Confirmed; Pence’s Anti-LGBTQ Agenda Can Proceed

Betsy DeVos

After contentious confirmation hearings and a 50-50 vote (with all Democrats, all Independents and two Republicans voting against a solid Republican block), Vice President Mike Pence broke the Senate tie and confirmed Betsy DeVos as the next Education Secretary. This comes as little surprise as her history of school privatization efforts and support for religious schools falls in line with Pence’s historic […]

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Betsy DeVos Plagiarized Many Senate Questionnaire Sections

Betsy DeVos

In addition to the many issues already uncovered about Betsy DeVos’ cabinet nomination (ranging from her severe anti-LGBTQ history and lack of education experience to promotion of education privatization) a new scandal just emerged: she plagiarized several sections of her Senate questionnaire. The Washington Post reported on the plagiarism scandal: President Trump’s nominee for education secretary, in written responses to questions from senators, […]

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WA: Bill Would Legalize Religious Proselytizing at Schools

Former Coach Joe Kennedy prayed with students and wants his job back to do it again - religious proselytizing

Republicans in the Washington state legislature proposed legislation this week that would allow sports coaches to proselytize their religious beliefs on public school grounds following games. HB 1602 – otherwise known as the act “Concerning the exercise of expressive rights following school sports activities” – has roots in the ongoing controversy over an assistant football coach losing his position over illegal religious proselytizing […]

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Arizona Bill Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

Arizona Bill by Bob Thorpe Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

A bill proposed by state lawmaker Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) would outlaw all discussion of social justice topics on all campuses across Arizona. The legislation – HB2120 – specifically targets the concept of privilege while broadly banning classes, events and activities from engaging in productive discussions about race, ethnicity and other factors driving economic and political disparities. According to the bill: 15-112.  Prohibited courses, classes, events and activities; […]

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Virginia GOP Targets Transgender Community in HB2-Style Bill [UPDATED]

The Virginia GOP proposes HB1612 - an HB2 style bathroom bill

Not taking the lessons of North Carolina’s transphobic HB2 to heart, the Virginia GOP just proposed legislation targeting transgender people for explicit discrimination in gender-segregated facilities. HB1612 – also known as the Physical Privacy Act – would prohibit transgender persons from using facilities that match their gender identity in “public schools, public institutions of higher education, and government buildings.” The bill’s […]

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Fox’s ‘War on Christmas’ Forces Jewish Family to Flee for Safety [UPDATED]

The War on Christmas narrative took a dangerous turn at Centerville Elementary in Pennsylvania

A false ‘War on Christmas’ narrative promoted by both Fox News and Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory source of choice (Breitbart) resulted in a Jewish family fleeing their home fearing another Pizzagate-style attack. The story involves the cancellation of a school play a handful of parents blamed on the Jewish family despite the school administration’s assurances the family had nothing to […]

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Boca Raton: Teacher Behind Secular Display Under Attack

Boca Raton atheist secular display owner a teacher preston smith

The man responsible for the Pentagram display in Boca Raton, Florida – a teacher at Boca Raton Community Middle School – is under attack by his school’s PTA for efforts to promote secularism and separation of church and state through the Satanic display next to the Christian nativity in Sanborn Square Park. He erected the Satanic display next to the Freedom From […]

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