Talk About Cutting The Safety Net

Safety Net Budget Cuts

When you elect people who have very limited knowledge of government or the legal system, you get a lot of unanticipated and unfortunate consequences. Trump is hardly the only self-proclaimed “genius” who is actually clueless; in fact, voters need to recognize that the real villain of this surreal moment we’re experiencing isn’t Trump–who is arguably too far out of it […]

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The Shocking Disparity of Resources in Low-Income Areas

Wealth in America tends to move in one direction — toward the top. If you need proof, just take a look at our educational system. Those who can afford to attend private school have access to the latest technologies, enjoy smaller class sizes, and learn from instructors who might not work in public schools where they cannot make the same […]

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A Sensible Proposal In the Indiana General Assembly?

Astonishing as it seems, news occasionally emerges of rational proposals at the Indiana Statehouse. The Indianapolis Business Journal recently reported on one: An Indiana Senate Republican wants to reward businesses with tax credits when they raise pay for their minimum-wage workers. State Sen. John Ruckelshaus of Indianapolis has introduced a bill that would provide a credit against state tax liability for employers of minimum-wage […]

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Voting One’s Interests

Rise of the Trump SWASP

Fareed Zakaria is a savvy observer of both domestic governance and international relations, and he makes a very good point in a recent Washington Post column. It has become a (tiresome) truism that many Americans “vote against their own interests.” This assertion has always annoyed me, because it embodies a couple of arrogant assumptions: first, that the speaker/writer knows better than those voters […]

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Connect The Dots: Inequality, Violence & Crime

While often separated in political discussion, economic and social inequality are intrinsically intertwined for minorities across the United States.

It’s not just easy access to guns–although that access certainly facilitates rising American homicide rates. As the Guardian recently reports, there is a strong–if surprising– connection between income inequality, respect, and increases in violence. A 17-year-old boy shoots a 15-year-old stranger to death, apparently believing that the victim had given him a dirty look. A Chicago man stabs his stepfather in a fight over whether his entry into […]

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Class Warfare: Paul Ryan Will Target “Entitlements”

The GOP doesn’t even bother to pretend any more. The party is waging a class war in which the rich and connected are taking unremitting aim at the struggling, powerless and unconnected: children, the disabled and the working poor. Excuse my language, but the only thing “trickling down” is piss. On December 6th, The Hill reported on Paul Ryan’s next despicable but not […]

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Shamelessness And The GOP Tax Bill

Jennifer Rubin is a conservative columnist. Like many of the pundits on the political Right–and unlike most GOP members of Congress– she is intellectually honest. (Here in Indiana, Paul Ogden falls into that category; I often disagree with his conclusions, but I have a high degree of respect for his intellectual integrity.) Rubin doesn’t mince words about the GOP’s single legislative […]

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Sabotaging Clean Energy

clean energy

Every day, we learn something new and horrible about the GOP tax bill. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, the bill is likely to derail the nation’s encouraging move to clean energy. Both the measure passed by the House and the more recent Senate version deal what the organization calls “devastating blows” to America’s booming clean energy industry—while (I know […]

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Credit For Consistency: The GOP’s Epistemic Breach

Apparently, GOP lawmakers don’t have grandchildren. It’s hard to say it more succinctly and accurately than a recent article in the Guardian: The parallels between the Republican Party positions on taxes and climate change are striking. Both are morally appalling and reject the available evidence and expert opinion. According to the article, 96% of economic experts who were asked about the GOP […]

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If Jobs Were Really What Mattered

Trump may diminishing the power of the presidency

I’m one of the people who watched with disbelief as the GOP tax “reform” bill was loaded up with provisions that any sentient human would know to be counterproductive. There are two possible explanations why lawmakers might support this disastrous legislation, and they are not necessarily incompatible: the sponsors of this piece of excrement really believe–in the face of overwhelming […]

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