Communicating In The Age Of The Bubble

partisan bubble

This is the speech I gave yesterday to the Public Relations Club of Indianapolis. Democracies require ongoing discussions by participants who share a reality. Thanks to social media, conspiracy theories, “fake news,” and political polarization, Americans today occupy alternative realities. We talk past each other, not to each other, a problem exacerbated by distressingly low levels of civic literacy. Most […]

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Vistaprint Sued For Sending Gay Couple Religious Literature

Vistaprint sued by Borg and Heasley over anti-gay religious materials sent instead of wedding programs

On the eve of their wedding, Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg received a package from Vistaprint with what was supposed to be wedding programs. Instead, they received anti-LGBTQ religious material warning them about temptation entitled, ““Understanding Temptation: Fight the good fight of the faith.” After receiving the wrong materials, the couple had to place another order – at their own […]

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Talk About Cutting The Safety Net

Safety Net Budget Cuts

When you elect people who have very limited knowledge of government or the legal system, you get a lot of unanticipated and unfortunate consequences. Trump is hardly the only self-proclaimed “genius” who is actually clueless; in fact, voters need to recognize that the real villain of this surreal moment we’re experiencing isn’t Trump–who is arguably too far out of it […]

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Trump’s Religious Freedom Day Proclamation is Problematic

Trump Religious Freedom Day proclamation

In his Religious Freedom Day proclamation, Donald Trump made a consequential and problematic statement placing religious liberty above rule of law. Were this a ceremonial gesture meant as a statement of goodwill and not one in a line of related actions and statements, it wouldn’t be cause for concern. Given this administration’s statements, actions and directives, however, today’s proclamation offers yet […]

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Evidence Can Be Such A Downer: Worker Retraining

job retraining

Last week in Indiana, as our legislature geared up for its short session, Governor Holcomb delivered his State of the State address. One of the major emphases of that speech was about the importance of worker retraining. Gov. Eric Holcomb used his nearly 30-minute speech Tuesday night to set some lofty goals, primarily in the area of educating and training Hoosier workers. […]

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Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: Interstates in Indianapolis


Today I’m delivering a brief Treatise on Government (apologies to John Locke…) in the form of a case study. Fifty years ago, when interstates were first constructed, two were built through an Indianapolis downtown that had been largely abandoned for the suburbs–a downtown dramatically different from today’s vibrant city center. The routing decisions made at that time divided neighborhoods, exacerbated […]

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Us Versus Them: Shithole Edition


When reports of Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” remark hit the media, various  outlets  reported “gasps of disbelief” by Congressional Republicans. Give me a break. Anyone who is genuinely surprised to discover that Trump is a racist is too stupid to tie his own shoes. David Leonhardt ticked off  the evidence in his column for the New York Times: • Trump’s real-estate company […]

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Shithole: Trump’s Racism is the Latest Version of U.S. Imperialism

Donald Trump's KKK racism problem

When he called Haiti, El Salvador and the entire continent of Africa “shithole countries,” Donald Trump didn’t just openly expose his racist beliefs, he contributed to the long history of American imperialism against countries with predominantly darker skinned populations. That tradition actually predates the nation’s founding as the Atlantic slave trade existed well before the United States, but that didn’t […]

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The Shocking Disparity of Resources in Low-Income Areas

Wealth in America tends to move in one direction — toward the top. If you need proof, just take a look at our educational system. Those who can afford to attend private school have access to the latest technologies, enjoy smaller class sizes, and learn from instructors who might not work in public schools where they cannot make the same […]

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