Oklahoma GOP Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Oklahoma GOP Sen Joseph Silk Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Attempting to set the standard two years in a row for the most extreme and anti-gay pieces of legislation nationally, the Oklahoma legislature will consider a RFRA-style bill this session targeting LGBTQ people that also has the effect of broadly discriminating against the general  population. SB 197 – also known as the “Oklahoma Right of Conscience Act” – would allow businesses to […]

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LGBT Center of Central Pennsylvania Vandalized & Robbed

LGBT Center of Central PA

Last night the front doors of the LGBT Center of Central PA were smashed in an act of vandalism. The Center – mere steps from the  State Capitol – is a hub for the central Pennsylvania LGBTQ community. In a Facebook post discussing the vandalism the Center said: Overnight, someone smashed the glass window to the front door of the LGBT Center of Central PA […]

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Texas GOP Pushing anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

Texas GOP proposes SB6 - Privacy Protection Act - a transgender bathroom bill

Joining with Kentucky and Virginia this week, the Texas GOP is proposing legislation to ban transgender individuals from using gender-segregated facilities that align with their gender identity. SB6 – also known as the Privacy Protection Act – targets transgender people for explicit discrimination in places of public accommodation. The comprehensive legislation doesn’t just target the transgender community; rather, it also […]

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Missouri: Gym Targets Transgender Woman for Discrimination [UPDATED]

ARK in Waynesville discriminated against transgender woman Britny Rose -

A gym in Waynesville, Missouri is under fire for its deplorable treatment of a transgender woman. The ARK Community & Sports Center – a Christian owned business – reportedly targeted, insulted, and discriminated against Britny Rose based solely on her gender identity. According to Rose, she visited the facility on January 3, 2017 to attend a spin class (as it’s the only gym […]

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Religious Freedom & Trans Bathroom Bills Filed in Kentucky

Kentucky Democrat Rick Nelson proposed HB105 and HB 106 - Religious Freedom & Bathroom Bills

A Democrat in the Kentucky House filed two bills today targeting the LGBTQ community. HB106 is a near copy of the North Carolina HB2 ‘Bathroom bill’ that targeted transgender people for explicit discrimination in gender-segregated facilities while HB105 is a so-called ‘religious freedom’ bill that would allow the use of religious belief to be used to legally justify discrimination against […]

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Virginia GOP Targets Transgender Community in HB2-Style Bill [UPDATED]

The Virginia GOP proposes HB1612 - an HB2 style bathroom bill

Not taking the lessons of North Carolina’s transphobic HB2 to heart, the Virginia GOP just proposed legislation targeting transgender people for explicit discrimination in gender-segregated facilities. HB1612 – also known as the Physical Privacy Act – would prohibit transgender persons from using facilities that match their gender identity in “public schools, public institutions of higher education, and government buildings.” The bill’s […]

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FBI Dropping Jungwirth LGBTQ Terrorism Charges

craig jungwirth arrested

Prosecutors in the case against accused potential terrorist Craig Jungwirth are dropping charges claiming they have a “weak case”. Jungwirth is the man who initially scammed multiple LGBTQ community members after acquiring access to the Beach Bear Weekend event in Florida. He subsequently issued a threat (on one of his countless fake Facebook profiles) to engage in an Pulse Orlando-style terrorist attack on […]

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No WaPo, LGBTQ Americans Don’t See an Ally in Trump

No Washington Post, Donald Trump is not an LGBTQ ally (for marriage or otherwise)

In a piece published by the Washington Post on New Year’s Eve, political writer Dave Weigel argued the LGBTQ community does not see an adversary in President Elect Donald Trump so much as a man “who ceded the issue [gay marriage] and literally waved a rainbow flag.” Because WaPo is such a respected source of real journalism and because Weigel is one […]

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Peacock Panache’s Top Stories of 2016

2016 Year in review - Peacock Panache

With 2016 coming to a close it’s time to take a look back at what made Peacock Panache relevant over the past 12 months. Here are our top five stories of the year: #5 Story of 2016: High profile civil rights incidents & the public’s misunderstanding of individual rights Our #5 story of 2015 centers around a group of stories we […]

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