Oklahoma GOP Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Oklahoma GOP Sen Joseph Silk Proposes Extremist RFRA Legislation

Attempting to set the standard two years in a row for the most extreme and anti-gay pieces of legislation nationally, the Oklahoma legislature will consider a RFRA-style bill this session targeting LGBTQ people that also has the effect of broadly discriminating against the general  population. SB 197 – also known as the “Oklahoma Right of Conscience Act” – would allow businesses to […]

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Indivisible: How You Can Speak Out Against Trump


If the past year has shown the nation anything, it’s that traditional methods of campaigning and activism simply don’t work anymore. The advent of social media and money as speech have both influenced politics to the point that petitions and phone calls to representatives – as important as they both are – just aren’t enough to effect and sustain change. […]

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Arizona Bill Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

Arizona Bill by Bob Thorpe Would Ban Social Justice Discussion on Campuses

A bill proposed by state lawmaker Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) would outlaw all discussion of social justice topics on all campuses across Arizona. The legislation – HB2120 – specifically targets the concept of privilege while broadly banning classes, events and activities from engaging in productive discussions about race, ethnicity and other factors driving economic and political disparities. According to the bill: 15-112.  Prohibited courses, classes, events and activities; […]

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Trump Attacks Free Press During Press Conference

In attacking and blacklisting CNN, Donald Trump launched an assault on free press

In what was already a highly unorthodox press conference this morning President Elect Donald Trump launched an attack on constitutional free press by not only assailing the credibility of a news organization that published a critical piece about him, but repeatedly refusing to take a question from that organization for the duration of his press conference. During his press conference Trump addressed […]

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Texas GOP Pushing anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

Texas GOP proposes SB6 - Privacy Protection Act - a transgender bathroom bill

Joining with Kentucky and Virginia this week, the Texas GOP is proposing legislation to ban transgender individuals from using gender-segregated facilities that align with their gender identity. SB6 – also known as the Privacy Protection Act – targets transgender people for explicit discrimination in places of public accommodation. The comprehensive legislation doesn’t just target the transgender community; rather, it also […]

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Missouri: Gym Targets Transgender Woman for Discrimination [UPDATED]

ARK in Waynesville discriminated against transgender woman Britny Rose -

A gym in Waynesville, Missouri is under fire for its deplorable treatment of a transgender woman. The ARK Community & Sports Center – a Christian owned business – reportedly targeted, insulted, and discriminated against Britny Rose based solely on her gender identity. According to Rose, she visited the facility on January 3, 2017 to attend a spin class (as it’s the only gym […]

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Free Speech vs. Hate Speech: There’s a Difference

I’ve written about this before, but not so prominently as today: there is a clear cut difference between our First Amendment right to free speech and hate speech. Free speech seeks to enlighten, educate, and at times offend sensibilities with the purpose to get people to think and debate. Free speech, especially in protests, always seeks to address the issue which […]

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Religious Freedom & Trans Bathroom Bills Filed in Kentucky

Kentucky Democrat Rick Nelson proposed HB105 and HB 106 - Religious Freedom & Bathroom Bills

A Democrat in the Kentucky House filed two bills today targeting the LGBTQ community. HB106 is a near copy of the North Carolina HB2 ‘Bathroom bill’ that targeted transgender people for explicit discrimination in gender-segregated facilities while HB105 is a so-called ‘religious freedom’ bill that would allow the use of religious belief to be used to legally justify discrimination against […]

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