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Intelligence Community Confirms: Muslim Ban Pointless

The Resistance: fighting the Trump administration's Muslim Ban and other poliicies

Despite assurances from the Trump administration a report would be forthcoming proving the need for a new “travel ban” from the seven predominantly Muslim countries targeted in his original unconstitutional executive order, the intelligence community this evening leaked a three page report the Department of Homeland Security attempted to bury showing those seven countries pose little to no additional risk to […]

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Kentucky: GOP Pushing Bill to Force Bible Study into Schools


Legislation just passed through the Kentucky state House today that would legalize forcing elective Bible study classes into public schools at taxpayers’ expense. Calling the Bible study courses “Bible literacy,” congressional conservatives argue such classes would focus on “biblical content, characters, poetry and narratives that are prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture.” The Lexington Herald-Leader reported on the vote today: The bill […]

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Atheist Family Threatened After Ten Commandments Decision

Valley High School Ten Commandments monument

Following a lengthy legal battle, the Ten Commandments monument outside Valley High School in New Kensington, Pennsylvania will be removed after the school district reached a settlement with Marie Schaub and her daughter with the help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Though they won in court, the Christian conservatives in their community who fought to keep the monument on school grounds have […]

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“Moral” Lawbreaking: Wyoming’s Anti-Gay HB 135

Wyoming GOP Rep Cheri Steinmetz just proposed legislation targeting LGBTQ people for discrimination - HB 135

Remember the lyrics of that old cowboy song, “Don’t Fence Me In”? Oh give me land lots of land under starry skies above don’t fence me in Let me ride through the wide open spaces that I love don’t fence me in. I found those “wide open spaces”–they’re between Wyoming legislators’ ears. A bill has been introduced into the Wyoming […]

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SD: GOP Lawmaker Compares LGBTQ People to Pedophiles

SD: GOP Lawmaker Phil Jensen Compares LGBTQ People to Pedophiles

In a weekend town hall addressing discriminatory legislation, a conservative South Dakota lawmaker compared the LGBTQ community to pedophiles. Senate Bill 149 – a so-called religious freedom bill that would allow adoption agencies and child placement services to use religious belief to discriminate against potential parents – stoked tensions at the meeting as people attempted to argue against its provisions. At one point, state […]

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Ken Ham Has Trump-like Twitter Meltdown Over Ark Photos

Ken Ham Ark Encounter

It may be time for a new game — who tweeted it, Donald Trump or Ken Ham? This morning, the Huffington Post published an article referring to a new exhibit coming to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Based on photos tweeted by Ken Ham on Thursday, it appears the “life-size” unfloatable ship will soon feature a diorama that, as Ham puts it, […]

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WA Supreme Court Rules Against Florist Barronelle Stutzman

Barronelle Stutzman

After discriminating against a gay couple and having a public accommodation discrimination complaint successfully levied against her, Arlene’s Flowers owner Barronelle Stutzman fought tooth and nail to retain her right to use religious belief to overrule public accommodation law. She took that fight all the way to the Washington state Supreme Court last year. Today that court ruled unanimously against Stutzman finding she […]

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Asked About anti-Semitism, Trump Discusses Electoral College

Asked About anti-Semitism, Trump Discusses Electoral College

The final question of the joint press conference between the United States and Israel focused on an issue pertinent to the joint meeting and to the safety of American citizens: anti-Semitism. Directed at Trump, an Israeli reporter noted the sharp increase in anti-Semitic hate speech and crimes following his election. He proceeded to ask him what he’d say to the Jewish communities not […]

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OK GOP: Pregnant Women are “Hosts” Without Autonomy

Oklahoma GOP: Pregnant Women are "Hosts" Without Autonomy - HB1441 proposed by Rep Justin Humphrey

Because he believes women lose bodily autonomy when they become pregnant, Oklahoma state Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) just proposed legislation requiring written permission from male sexual partners for all abortions. HB 1441 – labeled as a bill “prohibiting abortion to be performed without consent of the father” – aims remove all bodily autonomy from women thereby rationalizing unconstitutional hurdles to obtain safe and legal abortion. […]

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National Poll: 32% Believe Only Christians are Real Americans

Each day–or so it seems–we are treated to news of yet another set of attitudes or beliefs that divide American citizens. Some of those divisions are beginning to seem insurmountable. Case in point: According to a recent Pew poll, thirty-two percent of Americans believe that you have to be Christian to be a “real” American. (It would do no good to […]

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