Trump Effect: GOP Candidates Running on White Supremacist Platform

Corey Stewart & Sheri Few promote white supremacy and Confederacy support

Since his election in November, Donald Trump can claim one major national change over the course of his first 100 days in office: the normalization of specific types of hate speech. While the rise in hate crimes and hubris of neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups offers tangible proof of this change, the emergence of far-right mainstream white supremacist GOP political candidates demonstrates just […]

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Sen. Mike Enzi Rationalizes Anti-LGBTQ Violence

Mike Enzi

Following a speech last week to students in Wyoming, Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) used an anecdote to rationalize violence committed against members of the LGBTQ community. The statement came as a response to a student-initiated question about how he would make Wyoming live up to its moniker as the “Equality State.” Enzi spent much of his time at the school berating […]

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Separation of Powers: Trump’s Loose Grasp of Basic Civics

Donald Trump and civics - civic ignorance is dangerous

Following a U.S. District judge’s decision to block his controversial sanctuary cities executive order, Donald Trump (and many of his surrogates, supporters and right-wing media mouthpieces) lashed out questioning the very constitutional foundations that keep government power in check. His criticism is the latest in a long line of commentary aimed at delegitimizing the constitutional role of the Judiciary. Trump’s Reaction “First the Ninth Circuit rules […]

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Poverty Is Not A Result Of Absence Of Religious Belief

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

I read Dispatches from the Culture Wars regularly. Ed Brayton is a witty and perceptive commentator with an excellent grasp of America’s constitutional foundations–but his greatest appeal (for me) comes from the fact that he monitors behaviors that I wouldn’t have the stomach to follow. He keeps tabs on the kooks of the far, far right (and sometimes the far, far […]

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Army Secretary Nominee Mark Green Angry Over “Liberal Left” Criticisms

Mark Green

In a post to his Facebook page, Trump Army Secretary Nominee Mark Green lashed out at the “liberal left” for quoting his previous anti-LGBTQ comments verbatim. Arguing that they “cut and spliced my words about terrorism and ISIS blatantly falsifying what I’ve said,” Green presented a laundry list of contentions that run counter to his earlier on-record statements. In his post, Green argued: […]

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San Antonio Mayor Calls Atheists “Broken” People

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor

During a candidate forum earlier this month, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor explained to a crowd of people that poverty in her city was due in large part to people being “broken” because they had no “relationship with their Creator.” Following national outrage over her comments, Taylor doubled down on Facebook proclaiming her comments were edited. After posting the full 90 minute […]

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Skills, Intelligence & Experience: How to Run a Government

trump administration

A recent article in the New York Times reflected upon Trump’s relationship with Steve Bannon (which appears to be unraveling). That article was one of many focusing on the disarray in the White House and the tensions between Bannon and the various others who have the President’s ear, and wouldn’t ordinarily prompt me to post. But this paragraph caught my […]

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Trump May Mark 100 Days By Shutting Down the Government

government shutdown

The Trump administration will reach its much-discussed 100 day mark this Friday. The following day, the government may shut down. The reality of the situation serves as a microcosm for Trump’s entire administration thus far. At the center of the debate isn’t bitter partisan warfare threatening to shut down the government (as Republicans repeatedly used to undermine the basic operation of government to threaten the Obama […]

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Environmentalism is About More than Climate Change

climtate change and public health

If  Saturday’s March for Science did just one thing, I hope it underlined the message that protecting the environment is about much more than climate change, critical as that issue is. Do the climate change deniers at least believe that children in Flint, Michigan,  and East Chicago, Indiana should have lead-free water to drink? What about the rest of us? […]

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