‘Gays For Trump’ Founder Running for North Carolina House

'Gays For Trump' Founder Peter Boykin Running for North Carolina House
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Peter Boykin – best known as the controversial founder of ‘Gays for Trump‘ and the partner of the man who violently assaulted a protester at a 2016 Greensboro Trump rally – just filed to run as a Republican North Carolina House candidate.

Triad City Beat reported on the filing:

Gays for Trump founder Peter Boykin is challenging an African-American Democrat in a bid to represent a Democratic-leaning NC House district in Greensboro.

An outspoken, gay Trump supporter and proprietor of MagaOneRadio.net, Boykin filed on Monday as a Republican in House District 58.

They added:

“I’ve been telling people that in order to make change in the GOP and make sure we are making America great again we have to get involved,” Boykin told Triad City Beat. “It’s important that we get involved in midterms when voting is so low.”

Boykin and his husband David Smith, who is black, became fixtures on the 2016 campaign trail by showing up at Trump rallies wearing red MAGA hats and “Gays for Trump” shirts featuring a rainbow-themed stars and bars motif that flipped the assumption about who Trump supporters were supposed to be.

Boykin and Smith are best known for Smith assault ing Derek Dunham at the October 14, 2016 Trump rally at White Oak Amphitheater in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Here’s video of the incident:

Smith bragged about the assault on his Facebook page thereafter saying:

OMG!!!II JUST GOT KICKED OUT OF THE TRUMP RALLY FOR BEATING UP A PROTESTER!!! It was more a Scuffle and me ESCORTING his TRAITOR ASS OUT!!!!!!Then the Secret Police or somebody GRABBED ME and pulled me off him!!!

He has since deleted or made that comment private.

On Twitter, Boykin celebrated the assault:

This nationalistic, aggressive stance isn’t the only instance where Boykin demonstrated disconcerting ‘values.’

Triad City Beat noted:

As a public speaker and prolific social media user, Boykin has flirted with the alt-right and Islamophobic extremists while cheerleading for the president.

This weekend, Boykin is organizing the second annual March 4 Trump in Washington. Promoting the first March 4 Trump in 2017, he appeared on “InfoWars,” the massively popular program hosted by far-right conspiracy-monger Alex Jones. When Jones asked how he dealt with people comparing Trump to Hitler, Boykin responded, “I make fun of ’em. I like the meme ‘Keep calm, everyone’s a Nazi.’ They always bring up: ‘[Vice President Mike] Pence is gonna electrocute you.’ I’ll send ’em back a picture of Pence zapping people. It’s stupid. It’s silly. It’s nuts. I make fun of it.”

He also defended Milo Yiannopoulos after the provocateur was accused of promoting pedophilia:

Boykin came to Yiannopoulos’ defense at March 4 Trump 2017. “We’ve got to fight against fake news,” he said. “We’ve can’t have people like Milo, who’ve done a great job, to be put down for something like that. It’s all fake news. We all gotta do our own research. We own this device in our own pocket. We can do research. We’re citizen journalists. We shouldn’t have to fight against whatever little crap they put in our minds. We’re having to fight against what I call ‘gay zombies’ and far, far left liberals. Extreme liberalism is a mental disorder. Period. When you call someone from Gays for Trump like ‘Jews for Hitler,’ what are you talking about? You voted for somebody who likes radical Muslim terrorists that want to throw gays off buildings, but somehow the liberal LGBT wants to go for those people? What’s wrong with those people?… We’re out here fighting that insanity. We’re giving people the red pill every day. People like me, people like Milo, we tell the truth.”

For the moment, his campaign doesn’t appear to be off to a great start.

Asked about his means of earning a livelihood, Boykin responded that he’s a co-owner of the MAGAOneRadio.net website, but audio playing on the site currently references the departure of Sebastian Gorka, the far-right intelligence analyst who resigned from the Trump administration in late August 2017. If a GoFundMe page set up by Boykin is any indication, the energy surrounding the year of the Trump campaign was more hospitable for a gay, right-wing advocacy group than that of the first year of Trump in office.

The campaign set a goal of $5,000. So far, 12 people have ponied up a total of $410.

Though his ‘professional’ life appears to revolve around excusing Trump’s egregious LGBTQ rights record to maintain his ‘Gays for Trump’ mantra, Boykin’s campaign platform makes no mention of LGBTQ issues.

“We have a lot of news about proper gun control, and I want to ensure that guns are not taken away from people,” Boykin said. “I want to make sure guns are put in the right hands with the right training…. I believe there should be some armed protection in our schools.”

He also said he wants to promote voter ID, a measure that was part of an omnibus North Carolina election law that was struck down by the federal courts as unconstitutional.

“Just to make sure our voting system is correct in our counties I would love to push for a voter ID law,” Boykin said. “Knowing that I could type in my name in the election bureau, find my name, find my polling location, and go vote, it scares me. People could show up at the polls and vote in your name. Imagine what would happen if they bussed people in.”

Boykin does not have a separate Facebook or Twitter page for his candidacy, and his personal website – referenced across his social media rather than any candidate page – doesn’t appear to reference his candidacy.


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Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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