Tomi Lahren’s “Evolution” on Abortion Sparks Suspension

Tomi Lahren on The View

After she espoused pro-choice beliefs on The View last week, The Blaze commentator and professionally aggrieved white person Tomi Lahren found herself at odds with her conservative co-workers. Though Glenn Beck argued he would never suppress an employee’s opinions on abortion even if they contradict his own, Lahren’s portrayal of pro-choice conservatives as hypocrites took it a step too far.

The remarks that sparked fury across the right-wing pro-life spectrum actually sounded tame coming out of the mouth that typically argues using hyperbole laced with racism and homophobia.

“I’m pro-choice, and here’s why,” Lahren explained. “I am a constitutional, you know, someone that loves the Constitution, I am someone that’s for limited government, and so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.”

She added, “I can sit here and say that as a Republican, and I can say, you know what, I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

The Blaze reacted to the comments as any right-wing media outlet would in learning one of their employees called a core chunk of their audience hypocrites.

Her co-workers immediately began tweeting about it:

Glenn Beck also chimed in thereafter.

“I don’t hire people who are sycophants or don’t have my opinion. I try to hire people who have a different opinion because I believe in being intellectually rigorous. I don’t want strawmen,” Beck said on his radio show yesterday. “I want people to have a real argument on the other side so we can learn from each other, and we can grow.”

Using that to couch his criticism, Beck continued:

So I would disagree that you’re a hypocrite if you want limited government and yet you want the government to protect life of the unborn. It’s very, very clear. But it takes intellectual honesty, and it takes a willingness to actually think these things through and to do more than just read Twitter or Facebook to get your news and your political opinions. You actually have to study things — these things out in your mind. Especially at a time period like today. Bomb throwing is — bomb throwing in today’s world is dangerous. Freedom of speech, it’s not free. Speech isn’t free. It comes with a very high price tag. First, being intellectually honest and intellectually curious. Speech is not free. It comes with another cost and usually to the other people at the other end of your argument. The pen is mightier than the sword, and it can destroy people if your aim is clicks, views, and ratings.

Amid that criticism, reports from the right indicate Lahren was suspended for at least a week from production.

“Conservative media company The Blaze has suspended political commentator Tomi Lahren, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation,” The Daily Caller reported. They added, “Lahren’s show is suspended for at least one week starting Monday, according to TheDC’s sources. A source with direct knowledge of the situation previously told TheDC that Lahren’s contract with the company goes until September, but that she may leave the company before then.”

During his radio show Beck also pointed out Lahren’s position on abortion is new; she previously held public anti-abortion views.

And she held those views as recently as December 2016. In one of her trademark “angry” closing segments Lahren railed against pro-choice advocates saying,

“The pro-choicers are supposed to be about rare and safe abortions. That’s how they avoid sounding like straight up baby killers? By acknowledging abortion is not a positive thing and a difficult choice? Then we have Lena freaking Dunham out there, wishing she could have murdered a fetus, wishing for the option to kill your child doesn’t exactly say much about the cause, her character, or the pro-choice movement.”

Some conservatives speculate her “evolution” has more to do with her contract expiring than an actual change in beliefs.

Jon Schweppe at The National Pulse offered one such analysis:

Hey, Tomi, I think I know what’s going on here. Does this have anything to do with your expiring contract at The Blaze? Is this a desperate attempt to appeal to the mainstream media, leftists, or, God forbid, Hollywood in order to save your fledgling career?

Are you really just selling your rants to the highest bidder? Do you have no sense of conviction? Are you even conservative?

Let’s be real, Tomi. You’re worse than Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and Beyonce combined! (Ooh, I bet that insult stings a bit. You really hate those guys!)

You don’t get to sell out the pro-life movement in a desperate attempt for adulation from a bunch of liberal Hollywood types and expect to maintain your mantle as a supposedly conservative thought leader. Nope. You’re done. Good riddance.

If this is the truth – that she knows she’s out soon at The Blaze and is seeking to soften her angry conservative white woman image – it’s not without precedent. Lahren was reportedly not a far right conservative prior to working at The Blaze. In fact, those who knew her in college were surprised when they saw her angry diatribes.

Evidence backs this up, too:

That she adopted an angry, racist, homophobic persona in order to make it on the national stage is a possibility. That she now wants to potentially back away from that alleged phony persona – especially after the damage she inflicted as that persona – shouldn’t be forgotten no matter how genuine (or phony) the sentiment.


Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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