The Blaze is Helping to Spread Lies about Planned Parenthood

On Wednesday, Brandon Morse at The Blaze (Glenn Beck’s website) published a piece featuring a supposed email from a woman who visited Planned Parenthood for adoption counseling but was pressured into considering abortion instead. The story, which includes a video of a woman reading the email as if she had written it (she didn’t), claims the email was sent by an atheist woman to the Christian, anti-feminism, anti-Planned Parenthood website Sheologians.

The woman’s name is never revealed, nor is any other information about her. The only thing revealed about her is that she’s supposedly an atheist (although never mentioned in the email as read in the video). The woman in the video reading the email is Summer White, listed as co-host/blogger at Theologians. She might as well be listed as “actress.”  The company who made the video is a Christian activist church called Apologia Church. They seem to be some weird mix of Mormon/Evangelical/Megachurch/Street Preacher/Cult that makes my skin crawl.  Check them out here if you want to lose your appetite.

Here’s the video.

So let’s recap so far. Atheist woman goes to Planned Parenthood for adoption counseling/referral. She gets pressured into considering abortion. She doesn’t have an abortion. She goes through with the adoption, and then writes an email about her experience, sends it to a Christian, anti-feminism, anti-PP website, who then partners with an extremist church to make a video, where the woman from the Christian website reads the email and acts it out as if she had written it.

Yes, anti-choice propaganda creators are nuts.

Here’s the credibility issue in case you haven’t figured it out yet.  Why would an atheist send an email to a tiny Christian website about her experiences with Planned Parenthood? In what world does that make sense? Why would this person preach to the choir, so to speak, who already hates Planned Parenthood?  Why not raise her concerns via a mainstream source instead?  Clearly a mainstream source would get more attention from both sides of the abortion debate, and might actually sway opinions from one side to the other, instead of just fueling a Christian, anti-feminist, anti-choice base?  It doesn’t make any sense.  As an atheist, if I have an issue to bring public, the last place I would run to is a little-known Christian website.  Seriously, what atheist (before this article) has heard of

Look, I’m not saying that Planned Parenthood is perfect. I’m sure that in the millions of women they’ve served there are many who’ve had bad experiences. It’s natural. You can’t please everyone no matter what business you’re in.  But this mess is so obviously made up, dramatized, and propagandized.  I’d love to see the day where we can just have honest debates about issues instead of having to invent hysteria-causing fake news to demonize the other side.

I’ll leave you with today’s irony alert.  This is from Summer White’s Facebook page (the woman from Sheologians):

Welcome to the schoolyard, Summer.

[Originally published at Secular Voices on March 17, 2017]

Kevin Davis is the Founder and Managing Director of, and the author of Understanding an Atheist: A Practical Guide to Relating to Nonbelievers, a book aimed at improving relationships between the religious and their atheist loved ones.
He’s most recently known for being co-founder and Executive Director for Young Skeptics, an elementary-level after-school program for kids. Young Skeptics was launched in January 2015 as an alternative to the controversial Good News Club, an organization operating in public schools that evangelizes children and spreads fundamentalist Christian doctrine focused on shaming children for their sins.

His writing has been featured or mentioned on CNN, Huffington Post, Salon,, Patheos, and many others.

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