Boca Raton Secular Displays Vandalized Again

Satanic secular display in Boca Raton vandalized again

The pentagram and accompanying secular banner in Sanborn Square Park in Boca Raton, Florida were vandalized again last night following several attacks against both the displays and the teacher behind them over the last few weeks. The latest act of vandalism didn’t result in theft of the displays (as it did last week) thanks to the chaining of the two to trees, but vandals did manage to cause damage to the secular displays demonstrating a deep streak of hate throughout the Boca Raton community.

Satanic secular display in Boca Raton vandalized again

Source: Sun Sentinel | Click to Enlarge

NBC 6 Miami reported on the newest act of vandalism that occurred overnight last night saying, “For the second time in a matter of weeks, a controversial satanic display has been vandalized inside a Boca Raton park.”

NBC affiliate WPTV in West Palm Beach elaborated:

An unidentified man called WPTV-TV around midnight to report that the 10-foot pentagram sitting in Sanborn Square was torn down.

The caller said he works near the square and noticed tire tracks at the scene with the pentagram torn down and lying on the grass.

Satanic secular display in Boca Raton vandalized again

Source: Sun Sentinel | Click to Enlarge

Boca Raton police spokeswoman Sandra Boonenberg told NBC the tearing down of the displays wasn’t the only vandalism:

Boca Raton police spokeswoman Sandra Boonenberg said the Satanic display was also spray painted by a vandal on Monday afternoon.

After it was town down overnight, Boonenberg said the pentagram has now been vandalized four times since it was put up earlier this month.

This is the state of religious freedom in the United States – when non-Christian displays (and their owners) are unsafe from vengeful, destructive forces seeking to eliminate any evidence of non-Christian belief in public squares (while destroying public spaces and lives in the process without regard).

UPDATE [December 20, 2016 @ 4:45pm ET]

We inquired with the Boca Raton Police if the investigation of the ongoing attacks against the FFRF banner and Preston’s pentagram is being viewed as a religious hate crime. Here is their response:


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