Dana Loesch: Gays Could Be Stoned If We Don’t Allow Discrimination

Dana Loesch: Gays Could Be Stoned If We Don't Allow Religion-Based DiscriminationIn a CPAC discussion panel over the weekend self-proclaimed “total partisan hack” Dana Loesch argued that laws preventing discrimination in the public square – particularly those conservatives are currently waging war against claiming sincerely-held religious belief – will lead to further violence because they remove individual liberty. She went so far as to argue that these sorts of laws can eventually lead to the stoning of gays should we not allow discrimination (based in sincerely-held religious belief, of course).

“You don’t have to be a Christian to be affected by loss of religious liberty, because if one liberty is taken, more liberties will be taken,” Loesch said. After complimenting her rabid, fervently far-right fan base she continued, “If I’m not speaking up you’re losing rights then what will happen to me when the day comes, if someone comes to me? What if you’re stoned for walking out in the street for being gay? I mean, come on, that’s where the conversation needs to go.”

Loesch’s stance against LGBT public accommodation protections is nothing new; she’s been railing against these specific civil rights protections for years.

Last year when the rest of civilized America campaigned against Arizona’s draconian SB 1062 (their ‘license to discriminate’ law), Loesch stood on the front lines with organizations like the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage proclaiming the law’s glory. When discussing the hypocrisy of saying one group should enjoy public accommodation protections while another shouldn’t, Loesch went over the deep proclaiming she would have supported Jim Crow law continuation as well since business owners should have the right to operate autonomously in the free market.

So perhaps it’s not the LGBT community Loesch is out to get necessarily so much as anyone attempting to be treated equally in places of public accommodation.

That belief system creates an odd juxtaposition with her other statements (in the same panel no less) proclaiming the need for Constitutional protections for Christians against identical sorts of discrimination. “I feel like it’s time to make Christians a protected class,” she argued.

To sum things up: Loesch thinks everyone should have the ability to deny service based on sincerely held religious beliefs because lack of religious liberty could lead to gays being stoned. But she also wants to simultaneously specifically protect Christians from the very sort of discrimination she rallied for.


Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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