Blaze Editor Jason Howerton Promotes Attack on Sandra Fluke

Blaze Evening Editor Jason Howerton
I had the distinct (ahem) pleasure of speaking with Blaze Evening Editor Jason Howerton about a tweet he sent out earlier tonight attacking Sandra Fluke based on an inaccurate portrayal of her official testimony before Congress concerning the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. (Here's the transcript if you'd like a reference as you delve into the conversation.) Note: I left out a lot of extraneous responses and random conservative trolls that insisted on chiming in saying I was "fainting on the couch while clutching my pearls" in response to my calling out the attack.

The Houston Chronicle's Kathleen McKinley also chimed in on the conversation, but that became a whole separate conversation (that actually remained civil!) about the Constitutionality of the mandate. Feel free to check out her Twitter TL for that conversation.

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Without further delay, here's what conservatives like Howerton think constitutes "comedy":

And in case there was ever any doubt or confusion on this subject:

[Photo H/T - Rock The Slut Vote]