Kansas State Rep. Allan Rothlisberg: Women Over 50 Don’t Need Gynecological Services

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[H/T UniteWomen.org]

UPDATE as of January 22, 2014 at 2:30 PM ET:

For those commenting that these comments are hearsay from people who weren’t present in the hearing, the source(s) we’re relying on – sources that rarely prove wrong – are Planned Parenthood and Haley Pollock (who is the Communications Director for the Kansas House Minority Leader). Pollock’s tweet about the hearing comment can be viewed here.
We chose to post this picture/quote based on the fact that multiple sources have come forward to confirm the statements. Though one news source – quoting Rep. Rothlisberg denying the statements – has challenged those sources, that news source has not provided any proof that all of the people who’ve come forward are wrong. If and when video confirmation (that Rothlisberg did not make these statements) surfaces, we’ll be more than happy to issue a correction. Until then, it’s Rep. Rothlisberg’s lone word against multiple sources all saying the same thing.

UPDATE as of January 22, 2014 at 6:00 PM ET:

State Senator Anthony Hensley (the Minority Leader of the Kansas state Senate) has confirmed Rep. Rothlisberg’s remarks in a post to his Facebook page. In the post, he stated, “I am aware of Rep. Rothlisberg’s denial. Wouldn’t you deny saying something so ignorant? Unfortunately, no media were present at the time and the Republican-run Kansas legislature has made a practice of not releasing committee recordings – ironically spurred by other outrageous statements that have been an embarrassment to Republican leadership. The truth is that multiple sources who were in the committee room at the time of his comment have all attested to the accuracy of my post. Nonetheless, I stand by it.”

UPDATE as of January 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM ET:

A reader wrote in this evening with a correction on Rep. Rothlisberg’s district. The reader said, “Rothlisberg is from Grandview Plaza, not Junction City. His home is in Grandview Plaza, and the Junction City area is split between House Districts 65 and 68. At least half of Junction City is not even ‘served’ (using this term **very** loosely here) by Rothlisberg… and I suspect there is a good portion of residents in the District 65 portion of Junction City that did not even vote for the man.” His legislative profile can be viewed here if you’d like additional information.
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