Ruth Institute Says It’s Not “Bigorty” Its Biology – Internet Laughs


"Its Not Bigorty Its Biology"
The Ruth Institute – formerly affiliated with the National Organization (NOM) for Marriage until they cut ties recently – released a new picture via social media over the weekend preaching their One Man, One Woman gospel. The only problem? Apparently their well-funded, multi-employee operation doesn’t have a copy editor.
The graphic – posted here – states, “Its Not Bigorty Its Biology.” It was posted to the Ruth Institute Facebook page on Saturday and removed the following day after being mocked by Scott Wooledge (an LGBT activist).
The message itself – minus the conservative “one man one woman” nonsense – is true: it is all about biology. Unfortunately for those on the anti-gay side of the spectrum, the biology (and overall science) behind sexual orientation supports the LGBT community. You can’t make a claim like “biology not bigotry” without accepting the full scientific argument that includes the fact that hundreds upon hundreds of species on the planet exhibit varying degrees of homosexual behavior from sexual habits to lifelong pairing. Much like sexual orientation itself, the discussion isn’t just about sex and procreation.
Try telling that to the “Its Not Bigorty Its Biology” crowd though.
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