Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thanks Creationist for "Standing Up" to Atheists

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thanks Creationist for "Standing Up" to Atheists
On Fox & Friends this morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck spoke with Kentucky-based Creation Museum President Ken Ham about how atheism appears to be 'encroaching' on Christianity in America. Acknowledging that atheists comprise only a small percentage of the overall population, both agreed that they posed a substantial risk to Christianity in America.

"You know, the atheists who are a very small minority in the population have been trying to impose their religion of atheism on the culture now for quite a while," Ham explained to Hasselbeck . "You know, getting Bible, prayer out of schools. Christian symbols out of public places."  

I won't go into the fact that it's the Constitution - not atheism - that forbids promotion of Christianity (and every other religion) in public schools. That's an entirely separate can of worms most fundamentalists don't differentiate when making "Bibles in Schools" arguments.

"Because they’re becoming so aggressive, I just feel that it’s really time Christians really stood up in this culture to take on the atheists and to proclaim their message of hope,” Ham continued. “I mean, what’s the atheists’ message? There is no God? When you die that’s the end of you? So everything’s just meaningless and hopelessness?"

I always find it amusing that Christians take so little time to understand others' beliefs before going onto national television. Who honestly believes that atheists think everything is "meaningless" and hopeless? A thirty second internet search on his part could clear up that misconception - especially since many atheist organizations have been working on promoting a "I believe in GOOD" message this holiday season. 

Speaking of his organization's billboards in Times Square, Ham said, "Our message to the atheists is, hey, we’re not attacking you personally but we want you to know the truth, that there is a God who created you and you are sinners as all of us are, but that God sent his son to become a babe in a manger." After Hasselback agreed, Ham continued, "“The atheists are only a small part of the population. And really, it’s that minority, less than 2% of the population, that seem to be having such say in our culture, in imposing their anti-God religion.”

Without explaining exactly how atheists are "imposing" their beliefs, Ham concluded, "What they’re really doing, the atheists, they’re really wanting to impose their anti-God religion on us, on the culture. And so we need to stand up against that."

The imagined war on his religion Ham discusses can only exist on a network like Fox News. Any other network - and any real journalist - would point out that a majority cannot typically be "oppressed" by a minority - particularly when it comes to religion. Ham (and other fundamentalists) seem to confuse having their religious beliefs catered to 100% of the time with actual discrimination and oppression. 

The Constitution was not written to make this an exclusively Christian nation. We live in a democratic republic - not a theocracy. This is all junior high level civics - including the fact that (as anyone with a basic education knows) Christmas is just one of several winter holidays. In fact, Christmas is celebrated when it is because of those other holidays - not the other way around. Not that anyone at Fox News would admit that.

Rather than point out any of these things, Hasselbeck merely thanked Ham for "standing up for" his faith.

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