Former Conservative “Child Star” Jonathan Krohn Speaks Out About Right Wing Harassment


Jonathan Krohn
Jonathan Krohn | Source: Salon
Writing at Salon, former conservative child hero Jonathan Krohn detailed the changes his ideology (and his relationship with the GOP) has undergone in the last four years. Since his famous speech at CPAC when he was 13, Krohn has disowned the right wing and (due to that) has become a moving target for sites like the Daily Caller who have continually posted articles ranging from analytic to downright mean in commentary. Krohn said in part:
“But then, earlier this week, Politico released an interview in which I announced I wasn’t a conservative anymore — and the proverbial crap hit the fan. Since then, I have been treated by the political right with all the maturity of schoolyard bullies. The Daily Caller, for instance, wrote three articles about my shift, topping it off with an opinion piece in which they stated that I deserved criticism because I wear ‘thick-rimmed glasses’ and I like Ludwig Wittgenstein. Why don’t they just call me ‘four-eyes’? These are not adults leveling serious criticism; these are scorned right-wingers showing all the maturity of a little boy. No wonder I fit in so well when I was 13.”
Speaking on his shift in ideology, Krohn admits he lead a sheltered, ultra-conservative life that ultimately lead his 13-year-old self to believe the way he did. He wrote speeches and regurgitated talking points, he explained, because he was 13 and didn’t know any better:
“I was tired of being a part of the ideological warfare this country is so caught up in. I was tired of the right using me as an example of how young people ‘get what they’re talking about — when it’s obvious that I didn’t get what I talking about at all. I mean, come on, I was between 13 and 14 when I was regurgitating these talking points! What does a kid who has never paid a tax bring to the table in a conversation about the burden of taxes? What does a healthy child know about people who can’t afford healthcare because of preexisting conditions? No matter how intelligent a person might be, certain political issues require life experience; they’re much more complicated than the black and white frames imposed by partisan America. (And no, my mother and father didn’t write my material for me. You’d have to be as paranoid as the birthers to think someone’s parents would put them up to all that. Have a bit more faith in the human race, man!) I was just a 13-year-old kid spitting up the nonsense he’d learned. In the future, a good rule of thumb might be: If you’re not old enough to have consensual sex, you’re probably not old enough to make consequential political statements.”
The rest of the article is just as well written and fascinating. Click over to Salon and read the rest > > > 
Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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